Mixing GTN and GNS

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I have a GTN 750 RealSimGear unit and a Personal Built 530 Bezel (3D Printed and Arduino / Proto PCB buttons).  

2 Things 🙂 

1 - Would love an LVAR to swap which unit was the master Device sending Data to the Sim.....So somehow "swap" one for the other.

2 - Would be really cool if we could use some other Events in the sim...or Lvars to be able to control a Second GPS -- i-e maybe use some of the G1000 Button events in the sim??  That way we can run a GPS 1 and a GPS 2 that have hard control panels?


Other than that I love having both....useful for different practice use cases......Would have loved one of these that worked with the GNS 480 😉

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you can do all this already.

Please review the RXP GTN User's Manual p12 for keyboard shortcuts related to the master device: you can directly set #1 or #2 and you can also cycle #1 -> #2 -> FltSim GPS -> #1 etc...

As for controlling GTN/GNS V2 #2 with default GPS commands please have a look p14: our products 'augment' the default command system to support not only GPS1 and GPS2, but to also support PRESS and RELEASE events!

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Thank you for pointing me in the correct direction.  I had read through that but did not understand that it was possible with the actual Sim commands.  I though I had to use Keyboard Shortcuts only for this.


Using SPAD.NEXT I was able to use the BIT values to set the commands and have a working solution.


The Values for the MASTER Device however were a little more tricky.  The values were so high that SPAD.NEXT would not allow me to enter them.  What I found worked was to find another LVAR ID for at the GNS and GTN devices further down the list and link the data value to those based on my switch position.  For some reason the LVAR value being used is extremely high and I don't see anyway to configure this value to something a little easier to deal with....Like say 1 or 2 🙂


Thanks again for pointing me in the correct direction.

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