Exclusive Review Of FSX Version Of Freeware Dash 7

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Shaom and greetings all my pals,

Allow me to present very exclusive review of freeware FSX Port-over de Havilland Dash 7 year model base designed by Milton Shupe, panel by Scott Thomas, textures by Mike Kelly, flight models by Bernt Stolle and Tom Falley, and sounds by Nigel Richards using the flight from BIAR Akureyri Airport located 1.9 miles south of the town center of Akureyri, Iceland to BIRK Reykjavík Airport located 1.2 miles from from the city centre of  Reykjavík which the capital of Iceland.

Many thanks to the famous Dash 7 model base inventor Milton Shupe for giving me plenty of assistance and advice how to prepare my first flight within Iceland abroad Dash 7  

Here is my beautiful office of Dash 7!!


Check out the cargo and passenger sections awaiting for load up of cargo and passengers!


Read the important rules


The seat is COMFY!!!!!


At the passenger apron of Akureyri Airport (brrrrrr  very cold)


Check out cool loading of cargo and passengers!!


Engines started and turning on all required lights.  I would like to let all of you know about special different method that Dash 7 is using that all other planes never use which is always to have spoiler flaps fully deployed upwards during taxi to runway or from runway.  According to exclusive statement from the Dash 7 model inventor Shupe, he said "According to real world Dash 7 pilots on all the Dash 7 projects, the spoilers were usually up for taxi operations, and they would take active when they were up causing ATC's much heartburn. Once you apply throttle greater than 50-60% (if I recall correctly), they auto-retract in the RW and with this model as well."  

If you do not feel comfortable leaving spoliers upward or you are afraid you would forget to retract them before take off, you can use on the cockpit panel to switch flip the level from taxi to flight before starting to taxi and there will be digital lightened announcement on the panel that says "UNLOCKED SPOLIERS". And it retracts the spoiler flaps!!!

Starting the engines of Dash 7 is similiar to starting engines of Lockheed Electra

After take off from runway 19 now airborne on climb to 14,000 ft with background view of hills of Park Kjarnaskogur


Leaving background view of the airport, its city, and its bay called Eyjafjordur


Still on climb and the Dash 7 model base has beautiful smooth take off and climb without any problem


Check out beautiful cockpit


Making sure all passengers are very comfy


Checking all gauges to be sure everything is okay and on correct route called NB1A NB G4 REKVA TIBRA


Beautiful view of engines as well as a tiny town in middle of nowhere in Iceland (wondering how they survive and live in such conditions)



Nice tail!!!


Cruising at FL140 past few Icelandic towns


Look at moon


More Icelandic towns


I thought I was hallucinating when I actually saw the pilots' heads moving and turning sideways during my first Dash 7 flight. When asked Dash 7 modeller Shupe about this, he replied "Yes, the pilots are animated in your version." meaning that it is first time that a freeware add on plane features pilots' sideway moving heads!!!




Nice sunrise



Time to descent!!



Entering clouds to pass through during descent


Making left turn to get ready for final runway approach to runway 13


Because of regulations of the forums not allowing more than 20 screenshots per post, please be kind enough to go to this hyperlink below to continue viewing rest of the exciting review of the plane.

Here is the link:  http://tonymadgehjg.proboards.com/thread/9348/exclusive-review-version-freeware-dash

Thank you for viewing this flight report and please stay tuned for next exciting flight!



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Aharon: Excellent series and great pics - all. BTW, if you have to, please do consider breaking up into parts to meet the post-limits. I have this Bright-Red Greenland (Milton Shupe) livery, one of my favorites too, on my system at this moment - though not flown for a while.  What a phenomenal FW this is - one of his best! I cannot imagine someone spend so much time making these available on FSX (or re-creating them fresh), when we can barely find time, to fly them, unless they truly love the Hobby and, what they are doing with it. These remarkable aircraft SIMs would be lost for ever, otherwise.

Regarding your note about the moving Pilot heads...yes, when it was seen for the 1st time, I remember the novelty too. Of course, now I see Carenado pilots, move their heads routinely at a fixed iteration, sometimes scanning below, as would be probably appropriate in-flight, but they also do so after the plane has already landed..looks a bit odd....Oh well, something is better than nothing for such realism...

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Thank you for your very kind words.



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