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When attempting to attach a SODE Jetway to the newly released Airbus A220 I get the following text message in P3D v4.4...

"[SODE] Jetway Control System: No Door Parameters Found For Aircraft 'A220'! Hood Will not Extend"

FWIW, the jetway tunnel does extend and the hood attaches itself to the AC, but it's not perfectly aligned, the lower part of the hood is slightly buried in the AC, and there's a noticeable gap at the top of the hood....

So it does work, sort of, but if there's a way to get SODE to recognize the door parameters (which I can get) I would love to know how to do it.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated...😎

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If you're using GSX, it includes a graphical aircraft editor that allows you to precisely place the doors, and then when you activate a SODE jetway using GSX it uses those parameters.  Many of the more popular acft are already preconfigured, but a new acft probably won't be.

If not, then you need to add/edit the doors section of the aircraft.cfg to make sure the doors are defined and properly placed.  The P3D SDK covers the format of the door definitions.



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Thanks for the info Bob, it's much appreciated..

I do have GSX, but it's the "free" version that works with all the FSDT airports, but I don't have the full paid version.

I think I found a reasonably satisfactory solution to this however. I simply opened up C:\Program Data\12b pilot\SODE\ and edited the Aircraft Parameters config file to add a section for the A220. Since I didn't have complete front left passenger door parameters for this aircraft, I simply copied and pasted the parameters from an existing similar sized aircraft, and then saved it.

Perhaps not a perfect solution, but the hood does seem to fit this AC much better now than it did when there was no entry at all in the AC Parameters CFG file. Thanks again.

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I have here another SODE question. 

I added the node <TargetSim ID=”FSX”/> to the FSX SODE xml file. But, P3Dv4 still loading the FSX xml. Am I missing something?

FSX doesn’t load P3Dv4 SODE xml file because of the node <TargetSim ID=”P3Dv4″/> and it is what I want so, how can SODE P3Dv4 to stop loading FSX SODE xml file?. For now, I am renaming the FSX xml file to .off in order to resolve it temporarily.

Any help available?

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