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Greetings friends. I was hoping someone might have a solution to this problem. I'm mostly a heli pilot in p3dv4 and have several that I absolutely adore from nemeth and cerasim (Cera's 222 in particular). However, I have this horrible phasing issue when panning view in the external aircraft spot view. Does anyone know of a solution for this problem?



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This tweak in the Prepar3D.cfg should help.



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This is a bug that Lockheed Martin acknowledged.

Hopefully will be fixed on the next release :wink:.


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This is actually different than the  [SOUND] TIME_CONSTANT=0 issue. I've already added this into my p3d config. This tweak actually resolves an issue where it sounds like the engine are throttling up on view changes.

I somewhat found a resolution via the all-powerful google gods, but was curious if anyone was aware of any other workarounds? Below is one of the solutions I found;


Basically, the planes where i encountered this bug ( the majority of my twin engine planes ) all have the same problem. Their sound sets are built over one single engine sound, copied over to be used for the other engines. Sometimes you will find files labeled A or B for their respective engine but they're actually the same exact sound. Or else, you will find that the sound config file which talles which file to play for every state, points both engines to the same sound file.

Now any sound designer/engineer whatever knows that two exact same sounds will phase if played with an offset of just a couple ms. The reason why FSX cannot play sounds properly is completely unlnown to me. But there is a way around this problem.

For a twin engine jet, you need to reverse every sample used by one of the engines, and export it back into the soundset. Reversing these loops is rather unnoticeable. And makes eng1 and eng2 two actual different sounds. Your ears won't notice but now the two sounds shouldn't phase at all.

For a quad engine jet. Check the sound config file, if it says the plane has 4 engines, unfortunatly, you need to cut it back to two. Obviously this just affect sound playback and not how the plane flies. Now that the sound configuration is set to twin engine, you can do the reversing thing.

If a soundset is made to use the same files for both engines. Make a copy of the files used for the engine ( just the different whine sounds used in the Engine internal and engine external sections of the config, you don't need to touch the wind or apu files ).
The copy of the engine files must be renamed, and one of the engine in the config file must be edited so it points to the copies ( that you have also reversed ).
So if you have for instance Athrust1 as a sound file for both engines, copy it, reverse it, rename it Bthrust1, and edit the config so engine 2 uses that file.


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