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  1. Bt103504

    Air Hauler 2

    It is a great program but you need to be sure that any addon airports have AFCAD files otherwise the program will not detect them. Usually this is not an issue but as a bush flyer many of the Misty Moorings strips are not detected because they do not include this information. That's not a slight against Air Hauler 2 or Misty Moorings, just thought it would be worth mentioning. I remember FS Passengers allowed you to basically "begin" your flight within the sim and it would log your flight without having to choose destinations from an external program and worry about the issues I mentioned above. It essentially just detected when your aircraft took off an when it landed.
  2. Bt103504

    P3D Huey X Tuning Pack 2018

    Been wondering when this might be released since the video was posted on youtube 4 weeks ago. Just commented today and hoping to hear from the author. If it ever is released that would be amazing as the HueyX was a wonderful product in its time and it would be great to see it in p3dv4
  3. Bt103504

    Change Strobe/Beacon Lighting on Aircraft

    Sure when I get home tonight I'll give it a shot and post something up here. I'm really trying to use the .fx files from the Carenado aircraft since they have the best strobes/LED beacon I've seen. But if you have any freeware suggestions with great effects I'm open to those as well.
  4. Bt103504

    Best passenger addon?

    FSCaptain is pretty good with its own FCDU that you use to control announcements, payload of your aircraft, monitor passenger satisfaction, get assigned parking, etc. One of the other neat features is it even evaluates your performance on the flight. You're able to customize a lot of the components of your airline including failures of your aircraft. Another option for simulating communication with your passengers in addition to actually monitoring their satisfaction is a upcoming release from TFDi called PACX. Click the link to see the demo video and learn more.
  5. Bt103504

    Change Strobe/Beacon Lighting on Aircraft

    Great point. I assumed they were .fx files because they showed up in the effects folder and when I add them to the aircraft .cfg file they actually do show up on the aircraft, they just don't blink like they normally would when the switch is thrown they just stay on. That leads me to believe there is simply some other input that I'm missing that I would need to add to the models or the panel.cfg Any ideas anyone?
  6. So I've learned how to change aircraft lighting on vehicles by identifying the appropriate .fx files on the p3dv4/effects folder and then modifying the aircraft config file lights section with the appropriate lighting names. Most of the lighting effects I've been able to swap around are from various freeware aircraft that came with their own specific custom lighting or the shockwave lighting package. However I also have a vast library of payware aircraft some of which have excellent LED beacon and strobe effects. What I'm trying to do is utilize some of these lighting effects from the payware aircraft on some of my other payware aircraft or freeware fleet. To be clear, I'm not re-distributing these models nor am I suggesting that should occur. This is purely for personal use. I've noticed that when I assign the lighting effect to the new aircraft I would like it work on the light does light up using the default lighting command "L" or "O" respectively. Instead, it simply lights up and does not actually blink. I assume there is something I'm missing that would be triggering the effect? To be more specific I'm looking to utilize the Carenado strobes or LED beacons. Any thoughts?
  7. Figured out what my issue was as well. I reviewed all my scenery entries with Lorby's tool and was able to find that I had two entries of the same scenery located in 2 different locations. When I deleted one of the repeating entries it ran normally and was able to finish installing!
  8. That's a bummer, I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I'm hoping I don't have to resort to that lol. I might just try updating the p3d client to 4.1 and seeing if that fixes anything. Did you ever hear back from Tegwyn?
  9. Yikes! Kevin would you be able to list out any non-aircraft addons that you are using (weather, environment, graphics, etc.) Also did you use the migration tool at any point?
  10. So can anyone confirm that disabling addons is the solution for this issue?
  11. I should note that my issue with the indexer being stuck on the weather/themes folder is on P3D 4.0 not 4.1 Have tried some of the fixes suggested above but they were unsuccessful in resolving the issue. It appears to be something with the indexer.
  12. Have also been experiencing this issue as well! I e-mailed vox support via their website 2x's in the last 3 weeks and still have not received a response. Been a longtime fan of this software but am growing disheartened by the lack of response.