Landing or Taxi lights not hard-coded in Aircraft

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It's been years, if not a decade since I've been on here. Anyway, wanted to know what anyone does for the aircraft that don't have either landing, or taxi lights hard-coded into the MDL file,  or can't see them from a 2D cockpit??? I am currently using the effect Apron_Flood11.fx (not sure if this file is orig FS9, or if it came with one of my add-on sceneries) for both the taxi, and landing lights. For the landing lights I've added the line twice in my aircraft.cfg file (brighter):
light.9=6,   275.00,   10.00, -6.00,   Apron_Flood11,
light.10=5,  275.00,   10.00, -6.00,  Apron_Flood11  ,
light.11=5,  275.00,   10.00, -6.00,  Apron_Flood11  ,
Of course the adjustment is going to be different for each aircraft, but this is to show exactly how I got it configured.
Just wanted to know if anybody is using any other effects, or if there is an actual effect that somebody came up with to simulate taxi, and or landing lights for aircraft that do not have the lights hard-coded in the MDL file.


J.R. Duda

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And when you are off the ground.. say on approach, what do your landing lights look like in exterior view?

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Not going to post pics, but I usually don't fly at night with the EMB-190. However, I did check it out, and the entire sly/ground in front of the plane is lit up in a circular pattern because of the effect that I am using. The effect is for ground lighting near gates, and parking. I knew it wouldn't be perfect, but I wasn't planning on it being so. For me the main thing was to provide taxi/landing lights while on the ground prior to T/O. My post was to see if anybody else over the years of flying MS Flight Simulations has done their own, or came up with taxi, or landing light for a/c that don't have the lights hard-coded into the MDL file. 


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Hello J.R, thank you for your reply. I asked because I wanted to understand what type of effect you are using. 

I now do understand and yes I do use the effect myself on aircraft that both do and do not have the lights hard coded as it is very easy to shape the light on the ground.

What I might suggest is an xml code that switches the ground splash off once you take to the air and on when you land. 😉    

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