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Beat sabre, twitch games and.... age?

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A zillion years ago, Activision created a game called KABOOM, where a hamburgler like character raced across the top of the screen dropping bombs that you frantically attempted to catch in a bucket.

I got very good at that game and others, entering an almost zen-like state as I entered the "zone" where conscious thought became secondary to a near-trance that took over my body and allowed me to ramp up to an incredible reaction rate.

I remember the superior teenage pity I felt as my uncle watched me play one day and commented that the game and I were moving so fast that he couldn't even see what was happening.

Fast forward to now, and slowly I have retreated from twitch games and gravitated to the sedate mental exercise of things like flight sims.

But I also remember my glory and venture into other genres occasionally where explosions hold sway.

Beat saber, on the other hand, intimidates the heck out of me. I now feel like I have reached my uncles stage where my nieces and nephews are moving so fast that I nearly instinctively know I will fall flat on my face trying to match them..... Still, I'm tempted to try...... 😲 🤔 👴


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