My first impression - amazing but with littel issues

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First of all i am totaly impressed that Alabeo/Carenado can develop an airplane not only good looking but with above average system deep. Beside the PC12 (with all its mods) the Eagle C421 is now my favorit from A/C.


  • The sound is amazing and IMO one of the best out of the box. Engine start and panning around the Airplane is such a soundpleasure.
  • I am not a real pilot but with the "advanced physics" by Andi it brings so much fun flying the Golden Eagle.
  • Like i sad, good looking with great system variety.
  • They paid attation to details (taxi light pans, working cabin signs and clock, etc)


  • No user manual for all the switches, gauges and systems! Even freeware-airplans have a manual!
  • VC panel lights are not seperatly switchable. To read the gauges at night you have to light up the hole cabin!
    That bothers me most.


  • The "AL421fuel_pump.wav" is missing in the sound-folder so i copied a file from one of my other airplanes into the folder.
  • The "cold and dark" and "ready for taxi" start option lets miss many settings. The "StartWindowsAircraft.xml" file has so many wrong and useless entries (like PA44 or Malibu) so i corrected it to make it a little better functioning.
  • The gauge "M877 Chronometer" is poorly modeled, so i corrected the look and made "LT" 24hrs and "FT" starting with 00:00 (instead of lokal time !!!). In this context i also made the cabin clock 24hrs.
  • The gauge "Shadin Avionics DIGIFLO" is poorly modeled and the switches and mode-selections are messed up. I corrected it for myselfe so it works now (not totally realistic but) better.
    BTW i can not understand the developers! If they coded it one time correctly, they can use the gauge in all there planes and they never have to worry about it again.
  • With Bert's solution in his first post (Title "Yaw Damper") the yaw-damper-switch is now working.
  • I'm not sure if the weather-radar works properly. I had in rainy-conditions no radar reflection and in best-weather-conditions i had one! (under observation 😉
  • The gauge-reflections on the VC right hand side are a little heavy so i customized a few textures to my liking.

My conclusion:
Not perfect but one of the best plane implementation from Alabeo/Carenado by now IMHO. I do not regret the purchase in any way and can really recommend this plane. One little step to get closer to A2A or Milviz...

Best regards

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