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Linking flight plans.

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I have searched hi and low...  I can't find it again, but maybe I am missing something, but I could am sure I had read that one could link the flight plan in the GTN 750 with a GTN 650 install and active on the same aircraft, so I wouldn't have to put in the routes in both.

I found the button in System - Setup to CROSSFILL but it's greyed out.  Is there some setting or something I'm missing to make this work?


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What you are referring to is most likely the cross-fill feature as found in the genuine Reality XP GNS 530/430 V2. This is not implemented (yet?) in the genuine Reality XP GTN 750/650 Touch.

However, there is another way to achieve what you're looking for: create a GTN flight plan file (manually or with the help of an application like Little NavMap), then load the same flight plan file in both GTN. It won't 'sync' between the two but you'll get proper route navigation and display on both.

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