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    Not sure how to describe this one

    I've had some issues along those lines too. Not able to calculate TOD, way too high of altitude when giving the hand off to Tower and allowed for final. Seems the program can't do vectored approaches at all. I've tired them into Anchorage, Seattle, and many other locations including Hawaii. Just went into Lihue and the approach sent me over the airport, then it would be vectors to final, I was at 10,000 flying over the airport, and instead of vectors, I was handed off to Tower and given cleared for landing. I had to vector myself, and land. Also, there is no text way of telling the tower that your clear of the runway, or if there is, I can't find it. You know I have already paid my $60 and am happy to help, but would like to see updates happen a bit more often. Maybe even little fixes every so often would be great. I think this program has a lot of potential but is missing so much right now...
  2. I bought this program from the get go on advice from a friend, and for $60.00 I want more, sorry... so here is the bugs I notice. First I'm running it on a windows 7 computer (64bit) with very little else running. Don't run anything on the P3D computer. When on a flight that is of any length, as in 2 hours, it will die, as in it will no longer do hand off or frequency changes, or anything. If I shut it down, open it back up and reload the flight plan, it will have strange errors on approach. Also, when it does work thru the whole flight, (I did a three hour flight from Yellow Knife (Northwest Territories, Canada) to Anchorage, Alaska and using a vector approach, it had me at 10,000 feet, 20 miles and cleared for ILS approach to RWY 15. It happened again at Seattle KSEA airport. Some times when I arrive at an airport, land, I can't get it to change to ground and give me taxi instructions. Other wise I think this program has some great potential, need to clean up the interface a bit soon, as it takes a long time to do anything from opening the program to connecting to the sim or loading a flight plan. Thanks so far.
  3. I've had this program for the last couple weeks, have tried it out in several different situations, and now I think I can give my input. I think it's good, not great, not really worth the $60 I paid, but there is hope for this. I have it working great on another computer using FSUIPC/WideFS/WideClient to send the push to talk. The Microsoft side of things isn't perfect, but this seems to work ok. After a long flight the ATC seems to have problems, mainly once on the ground and it isn't transferring over to ground. Or doing more then one leg, it seems to have some difficulties. As far as controlling all AI traffic, that would be cool, but maybe a feature for the future. As far as the interface, it seems slow, maybe there is just too much for the computer I have it running on, it's a I5 with 64bit Windows 7. My question is: is there more voice options in windows 10 or is it still only one? I hope that you will keep working on this and of course let us know when there is an update (thru it would be cool)... Thanks for the program and have a nice day.