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I have Avitab for the B412 Helo. I get sudden drops to 15fps (down from a solid 30fps locked with monitor refreshed rate). The drop lasts from 5 sec up to about a minute (with the same scene in my cockpit view) over urban areas.

I just noticed that when this happens, I have the Avitab in my view. Once a I pan away or turn the helo so my view of the outside doesn’t change but the Avitab leaves the view, the frame rates become stable.

The fps drops at random, the same scene can be fine, then I get a drop, then things stabilize again.

Has anyone noticed an issue with their Avitab & performance?

The fps drop occurs even when I don’t have the map turned on in Avitab.

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Well yes, I get this too. In fact I can replicate it every time. In VR this happens too. If I close Avitab completely then my fps goes up ~20fps. When I am using an aircraft like zibo or tbm 900 which have Avitab built in and showing by default, I get the fps drop and locks to 40fps regardless of what I do, I'll then change aircraft to default one then fps goes up again. If I then open Avitab in the default cockpit the fps drops back down and locks at 40 again. 

I figured this out today and so when Avitab isn't open I am getting between 60 - 75fps in VR and 120fps not in VR. 

I hope someone can look into this. 


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