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These QUICK LOOK videos are very short videos made using P3D4 flight simulator.  
This one looks at the beta (UNFINISHED) Detroit Metropolitan Airport KDTW by SunSkyJet Sceneries.
This is freeware and donations needed to keep up their spectacular efforts!


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 Orman, Thanks for the video view and comment.  Get very few on this forum.:

KDTW is coming along nicely but they have more to do as described below:

Hi! Thanks for being a donator!

I'm happy to announce that our Wide Beta for KDTW in P3Dv4 is available!

You are welcome to grab the installer.


Since you have already donated feel free to choose the free option.


If you have had a previous beta version installed unintall that version first before installing this one


As stated this scenery is un-optimized and a such the SODE jetways don't have static variants and there isn't a configuration option to lower settings on vehicle density or volumetric grass, dynamic lighting etc.

There will be in the next beta version.

Some of the night lighting is incomplete.

Not completely GSX integrated (will probably work mostly though)

And I'm sure many more items.


Speaking of which I hope you would like to participate in giving feedback.

Please feel free to create an account on the forum and email or contact me (via the forum, Facebook or email) and I can give you beta permissions so you can see the KDTW BETA board.  If you just which to enjoy the scenery without participating that's fine too.


Feel free to share screenshots of the scenery on your various platforms and forums

(As long as you make it look good!)


Happy flying!

Cheers, Ian




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