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P3d saitek multi panel Rev and VS problem

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Hi all, 

dont know if it’s the right section (if not sorry)

As I’m learning to fly I’ve started to use Rev on the multi panel and everytime i click it, it turning on and off immediatly to activate the APR instead, 

VS Also turn off as soon as i click

I dont think the problem comes from spadnext cause it looks like everything is well configured, I’ve Check p3d control command but l dont see anything, 
Maybe something is in conflict when I hit those buttons ?

Any advice ?



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Have you checked that this isn't correct operation? If the a/c you are flying has a 'REV' or 'B/C' button and you press it in the VC, does it behave differently? I am not that familiar with B/C operation but my understanding is all it does is change the sensing of the OBI to work backwards. It may be that in your a/c it does this and then switches to APR mode, since the approach is otherwise just the same. I would expect switching to APR would turn off VS, as it includes a vertical mode (GS). (Again, I don't know enough about B/C approaches to know if you can track the GS as well as the localiser.)

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Well did not think about Trying that, I’ll try right now


the VS problem is a separate problem, it do that even when I’m not in APR mode, just everytime I push it 

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So, I tried, In VC I can see the BC(rev) button, same result when I push it, and that was with the Alabeo c421 


I tried with the RealAir duke and in this case it works fine, so the problem is definitely not a spad one but more something related with the plane that create a conflict with the saitek panel but no idea what

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