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I have installed the Navigraph pack but i am having trouble with selecting either arrivals or approach. What am i doing wrong.

Heres what i am doing.

I press FPL and enter a start and finish airport.

I press PROC and the cursor scrolls to departures.  I choose a departure and load it into the flightplan .

I go back to the FPL page and scroll to my destination airport, then press PROC. The cursor scrolls directly to Departures again and if i try to scroll up to arrivals or approach  the cursor wont stay there and instead drops back down to Departures??

This is in FSX acceleration pack.

Thanks for any help.


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Before I decided to move to P3D (reinstall ,eliminate the Navigraph pack and just use Aviasoft EFB to port over the flight plan)

I'd first get a valid Flight plan from SimBrief.

I found that if I entered it in this order I had fewer errors.

Since It knows your starting location, I do Proc- departure -picking the DP and runway.

Then I do approach - select the airport, runway and procedure (ILS, Rnav,..)

Then STAR for the arrival.

Then I go into the flight plan and enter any missing way points usually starting with the one closest to the STAR.

BTW, once it's in there don't try to change a SID or STAR.

Hope this helps.

good luck.



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Sadly the whole G1000 is bugged, the primary instruments are OK but entering airways/SID/STAR procedures just doesn't work properly.

Thankfully there are several good GTN mods out there that make it fly with a real garmin DB and it's quite similar to the system on the new version of the EMB505

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