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TV recommendation for flight sim

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Dear All,

I'm upgrading the visual of my flight sim. I'm using P3Dv4.5. I have a home 737 cockpit running prosim737 hence I don't use a virtual cockpit. My graphics computer use a i7 5930K OC at 4.5Ghz, 32Gigs of RAM and an Nvidia 1080ti graphic card. I'd like to upgrade to a 3 x TV screen setup (most probably using P3D view group to minimise distortion). I will be running 1080p resolution on each TV ( most TVs nowadays are 4K native but I assume it's not a problem to downsize res). I'd love to get your recommendation for what TV and any hint on how to best configure my P3D view group


Kind Regards



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Two problems with your plan. 1) UHD TVs and monitors do not downscale well in P3D. Given 1920*1080 is exactly half the resolution of 3840*2160 you would think it would be indistinguishable but certainly as far as cockpit instruments go there is degradation. However, for a forward view only with no panel you might get away with it.

2) Running three displays from a single 1080Ti will not give you good performance. I have a friend who is doing just that and runs two 1080Ti cards and has plans to switch to 2080Ti instead. He runs three projectors but still the same res in each.

His fps are okay simply because of the sheer power of his computer. i9-9900 running at around 5.2Ghz.

This topic would be best in the Hardware section.

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