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Hello everybody,

Altough i'm more than 20 years into flight simming, i've never had a question to post. Thanks to this community every question i've ever had, has been solved by Avsim.

But now i need your advice! I ( think I ) have a pretty good system to run P3DV4 but since I've had some scenery updates P3DV4 is not working so fluently any more, I have stutters ( not all the time - but sometimes also when flying ).

So I was wondering if I could upgrade my system a little bit. I would appreciate your advice for better performance. My question is, should I buy more memory or should I go for a new graphics card? Or is this all a waste of money and do you advice me to save some money for a new system?

So my specs:

- Windows 8.1
- AMD Athlon(tm) X4 860K Quad Core Processor 3,70 GHz
- 8 GB internal memory
- NVidia GeForce GTX 960

Looking forward for your comments!

Thanks in advance!

Antwerp - Belgium

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save some money for a new system👍

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11 minutes ago, Arthur42417 said:

save some money for a new system👍

Agreed.  There is very little you'll be able to do with your current system, and as time marches forward you'll benefit greatly from a new system.  This time i recommend you go with INTEL and stay with NVIDIA.  AMD has made some nice changes, but INTEL and NVIDIA is king for flight sim.

Best wishes!

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Posted (edited)

Cpu looks a little dated. AMD have a new range of processors coming out in a couple months! Rumours are that it will be very good, but rumours are rumours! Failing that a decent i7 intel processor 8700k or newer would be a very good upgrade to what you have. 

You’ll want at least 16gb of FAST RAM so at least 3200 CAS 14 would be ideal. I would get 32GB personally. 

For graphics card you’ll probably want to get one at least 8gb of vram. Nvidia is probably the way to go for p3d.


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I'm doing just fine on my AMD 2700x in p3d with lots of addons. And AMDs suffer less of a performance hit from the Spectre/Meltdown fixes, which is nice if your sim computer is used for other stuff as well.

Personally, I go with whichever brand's fastest chip is cheapest in a chip/mobo/heatsink package at the time I buy.

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