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Haven't been to Maryland in a While

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Haven't been to Maryland in a While...a few larger "cuts"









Thanks for viewing, Darryl

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Maryland is beautiful countryside.  I worked for two companies that had offices there, one had an office in Gaithersburg and the other had an office in Rockville, and I flew to both, Rockville once and Gaithersburg a few times, from my homes in Arizona and California.  I was a business systems traveler for the office in Gaithersburg, a company called Cyntergy whose assets were later absorbed by a British company. 

Cyntergy did business systems training outsourcing and help desk outsourcing for the food and beverage, hotel, and the federal government, because of the federal government involvement, even though I did not work on their projects, I had to have security clearance to work for them, which I did for a few years, until hired by other hospitality companies that did the same thing, but not via outsourcing.  I always loved my visits to the Maryland offices, because it meant trips into the Mall and government buildings in DC as time allowed. 

My favorite lunch in DC with a group of my colleagues, we were all dressed in business suits because we had just got off work and took a trip into DC to enjoy ourselves, so seven of us guys and gals, in out twenties and thirties, were eating together, laughing, and chatting quietly.  The curious waitress asked what we did and Doug Anstine, one of our help desk leads who could deliver any joke in deadpan, said "I should not tell you, but we are a team of doctors, here to perform plastic surgery on Chelsea Clinton".  None of us cracked a smile, while the waitress digested what we said and walked away, seeming to take us quite seriously.

We had a gal from the south who was quite smart that worked with us, but did not know anything of the world other than where she was from.  When we approached the Washington Monument, she said with a sweet southern accent to our group "Hey y'all, what's that tall whaaat pointy thing?"  Doug, again in deadpan dry humor, said "The Department of Interior Decorators".....  She thought for a moment, but did not fall for it....


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