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Meanwhile quite a lot city sceneries are available for P3D. I thought  it would be a good idea to have an overview which are currently available, how good they are modeled (quality) and how they perform (impact). It is clear that performance strongly depends on hardware/ P3D settings and other scenery in this area. Here my personal list and ratings:

Seattle (Drzewiecki Design): Quality (+)  Performance (+/-)

New York (Drzewiecki Design): Quality (+/-)  Performance (+/-)

Barcelone (ORBX): Quality (+)  Performance (+/-)

Singapore (SamScene): Quality (+/-)  Performance (-)

Gold Coast (ORBX): Quality (+)  Performance (+)

Canberra (ORBX): Quality (+/-)  Performance (+)

New Orleans (Aerosoft): Quality (-)  Performance (+)

Dubai (Fly Tampa): Quality (+/-)  Perfomance (+)


What do you mean? What are your experiences with city scapes in P3D?




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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Nemo said:

It is clear that performance strongly depends on hardware/ P3D settings and other scenery in this area.

It's a nice idea to list all of the city sceneries available in P3D so that people can find out about them if they are unsure or didn't know about them before.

I think trying to rank them based on subjective opinions and different hardware and settings set-ups is going to cause this thread to descend into eventual chaos.
For example, for me, SamScene are of wildly varying quality and are Orbx's pretty CityScenes worth buying if you end up with a slideshow?

What works for me, won't necessarily work for you. People have complained that New York City X is heavy on their PCs, whereas it makes only a little impact on mine.

My very favourite combinations of airports and city sceneries that I think people should take a look at and consider are:

  • FlyTampa KLAS (all-in-one package)
  • FlyTampa KBOS and US Cities X - Boston (but no night lighting of city buildings)
  • TropicalSim SBGL and Paulo Ricardo Mega Rio de Janeiro and Natal City pack
  • FSDreamteam KJFK and Drzewiecki Design New York City X
  • Drzewiecki Design EPWA and Warsaw City X
  • Taxi2Gate VHHH, FlyTampa Kai Tak, plus Dragoneye Hong Kong photo scenery.
    Heavy on resources, but arguably recreates the most realistic real world views of any approach into an airport in P3D.


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T2G KMCO & ORBX Orlando are a match made in heaven. I had to remove a few bgls from KMCO's terrain folder. I like the results:






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