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I recently bought the Dash 8 64 bit bundle version 3.3.  In the manual several of the pictures in the second half of the document are missing starting on page 33 onwards.  Is there anywhere I can download just the PDF.

I also agree with previous comments that as this is a purely 64 bit application it would be better and nicer if the manual referred to P3D not FSX.

I spent some time trying to close the Main Panel as the manual does not state that the panel must be unlocked (LK button) to close it.

Finally the Config Manager main page shows that I have the Bundle version 3.3 but if I select the update button it states I have version 3.2 and suggests I update!!


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Posted (edited)

Thanks for that Bryan, I had noticed that the Online Manuals had the images.  I have used two programs to open the file and both give identical results so seems to be a problem with the file.  The main problem with the online manual is that it can only be printed topic by topic.

Another point with the config manager although it states Special Bundle 3.3 I can not find any reference to the actual version of Voice/Button program or Global Voice package that is installed so that I can tell when I get to the update page whether I need to update or not.

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Hi Clive,

I checked it out and that missing photo in the manual is due to some kind of weird bug in the Electronic Manual software were using when it exports the manual to PDF format.  I tried re-exporting the manual again and it did the same thing with that photo.  I'll have to ask the manual software company about that one.

For the version #, the updates are always built into the main installer.

So when you downloaded FS2Crew the other day, you would have the very latest version.

When the FS2Crew Main Panel opens, the version # will flash momentarily on the main panel.

And if an update is available, you'll hear a voice saying "an update is available".

So nothing to fear, you have the latest version.




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Thanks Byork,there are in fact several images missing starting with the Open PA Panel one and all following images.  Thanks for the help with the version number.


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