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addon aircraft not showing up in vehicle list

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i recently BOUGHT the quality wings 787, I belive that i followed the instuctions from quality wings and installed the aircraft to my drive befor separationg the files and putting them in there respective folders follwowing the instruction on p3ds website. i put the aircraft folders in the simobjects\airplanes directiry, yet when i lauch p3d it say that there are only the 89 deafault aircraft, ive looked at the airplanes directory in file expolrer and there it recognizes that there are two more files. have i mis followed quality wings instuctions, or is it an issue with p3d? or have i put the qw 787 in the wrong place, could someone give me a step by step install guide for refrence or help me figure out what ive done wrong. (my old acout was banned for asking this same question due to suspition that i have pirated the software, i have NOT and if you think i have please contact me directly with reasons so i can reply before out of the blue banning me w6kd.)

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What you describe doing is really non-standard.  When someone describes manually installing the add-on's files into folders when the only installation method provided by the vendor is an automatic installer that does all that, it looks like someone transplanting an installation taken from another computer.

The installer puts the files where they need to be, installs the appropriate xml file to point P3D to them, and by moving them you have rendered the installation inoperable.  There is no need to move the files after the installer has finished. So I would suggest you remove the files you moved, and re-run the installer, and this time leave the files where it placed them.

Have you asked Qualitywings for help with installing their product on their support forum?


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What instructions on the P3D website? If you point the 787 installer to your P3D folder it will put the files where they belong without intervention. Are you possibly trying to MANUALLY install via the XML method?

What you are doing doesn't make any sense.


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