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Live ATC - What is your fav?

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When I lived in Napa, I had two methods of listening to ATC....  One was a Radio Shack scanner, another a Shortwave radio.  The shortwave went bad, so my ex wife got me a new one which I still have, from Radio Shack as well, a DX392.  However it had one thing that made it a poor choice, it would "mute" when tuning, which prevented one from locating SSB (Single Sideband) broadcasts used by Oceanic.  Fortunately there was a mod, kind of a computer hack of sorts, not for the brave.  It involved opening up the radio, locating a connection, and bending a wire from a cable (or cutting it).  It made this radio, especially with a clip 50 foot antenna, ideal for catching oceanic broadcasts before live ATC came along.  My scanner, with an antenna replacement, could pick up SFO and Oakland towers and center all the way up in Napa. 

My shortwave radios could pick up Pacific, South Atlantic, North Atlantic, and Caribbean oceanic from Napa and Phoenix (In Napa I owned the DX390 but the power outlet went bad on it and batteries were not powerful enough to receive oceanic broadcasts--that shortwave too can handle the muting mod, but the method is a bit different because it lacks the cassette).  My ex wife still has my two current radios at home, one is 35 years old (the scanner), the Shortwave is 20 something years old.  Solid state circuitry at its best, they still work flawlessly.


Back to my question, if you listen to Live ATC, what is your fav and when is your fav listening time?  I like JFK tower, and Gander Oceanic, in the late afternoon Phoenix time so I can pick up transatlantic flights across the pond.  Same time is good to pick up transpacific flights, as both routes are quite active around midnight UTC.  Live ATC also at a local airport I am flying from adds depth to my sim flights, especially if I record the flight for playback on Youtube....  It is better for me than Vatsim, because I can handle flying the aircraft while Live ATC, my virtual copilot, handles the comms..



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Gander Center too to catch Oceanic comms.....


These are two good HF freqs for listening to Atlantic HF Oceanic

https://www.liveatc.net/hlisten.php?mount=hf_atlantic_b&icao=LiveATC HF

https://www.liveatc.net/hlisten.php?mount=hf_nh_8891&icao=LiveATC HF

All three are great for listening to Gander Center's Atlantic Oceanic handoffs around midnight or so, UTC.  They are for those lonely times for those simmers who like flying transatlantic realtime....

I also like listening to the Pireps during Atlantic Oceanic flight...

I call these three freqs, plus JFK Tower and Departure the "Holy Grail" of Atlantic ATC, because all five can be loaded and listened to in your browser at once...





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