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Hey all-

I am returning to the simulator after a few years hiatus.  I am wrapping up my real world instrument ticket and want to work through some more complex approaches before I take my checkride.    With that, I have a few fundamental questions about my sim setup.   Early last spring I installed v4.2 after a long break.  This was a fresh install along with all ORBX products and my favorite GA planes.  I see now that P3D is on v4.5.

Is it a safe move to do the component upgrade versus the full uninstall of everything and reinstall?  I have reviewed the component upgrade thread and it looks easy enough but I wasn't sure if going from 4.2 to 4.5 would be ok.   I don't mind either way really, one is just way faster than the other.

Also,  does anyone still tweak their .cgs file or is that a thing of the past? I am running 6700k, 32 gb, gtx 1070.  Nothing amazing but steady enough.

Thanks for the quick input.


Benjamin Van Eps

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I personally would do a full, clean install to have everything current.  Won't take that much more time.  Tweaks are pretty much a thing of the past... guess it depends if you are a tweaker or not. 

I would also check out the FlightSim Expo videos on YouTube to help catch you up on the latest/greatest in the FS world.  

Welcome back,


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Posted (edited)

Hi, Benjamin! There has been no development in the flight simulator world in recent years. Instead, there has been a decline in development. You can still use an IBM Computer model 5150 with good performance results in your sim. Nice to have you back in the amazing simulation-world again!


But if you want a modern computer for P3D use I will recommend this one







Edited by Wennerholm


Ken Wennerholm


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