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Automatic Self Deployment of Flaps during flight

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A while ago, I decided to use an old Saitek radio panel for my pmdg ngx. I didnt want to pay for software to make this work as I was only using it for the nav and comm radios settings and the only other Saitek product that I am using is a standard throttle and that works fine on its own.


Well, it kind of works ok, sometimes when I load things up the display works, sometimes it doesnt. However the frequency selectors always work and I am not too bothered if the displays work or not.


However, when the computer loads up and the displays actually work correctly, something odd happens. The flaps occasionally fully deploy in flight. If I leave a flight unattended for a short while, I sometimes return to find me a fl 370 with full flaps extended - not a very safe flight attitude !!


I manually deploy my flaps using the right hand lever of my Saitek throttle with notched selectors and this is made to work using FSUIPC 5 (P3dv4).


When the computer loads without the radio panel displays working, I dont get this automatic deployment of flaps.


Can anyone shed any light on this strange issue?


Thank you in anticipation


Kind regards


Alan Hill

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I had the same problem with my old 45 unit. 

It was a driver problem which they never fixed. 

Thank you.


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