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Pilot2ATC responding to auto read-back

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Hi Dave, I have a question. Why the need to repeat a request if it was made by Pilot2ATC?

This morning in a flight from KSAN to KLAX, I was instructed by ATC to taxi:

DELTA One Zero One Taxi to Runway Two Seven Via taxiways Bravo, Bravo Six, Charlie Six, Charlie, Charlie One,  Hold Short Runway Two Seven

Arrived at the holding point I asked for departure:

DELTA One Zero One Ready for Departure Runway Two Seven; 

I receive this instruction from ATC:

DELTA One Zero One Backtrack Runway Two Seven Whinds are light and variable  Cleared for takeoff, Runway Two Seven
~Backtrack to Runway Two Seven then cleared for takeoff, runway Two Seven DELTA One Zero One
 Backtrack to Runway Two Seven then Cleared for Takeoff Runway Two Seven DELTA One Zero One; 

After the auto read-back from Pilot2ATC I received this:

DELTA One Zero One You were garbled.  Please say again. 
Repeat your request.  Your phrase was not recognized. DELTA One Zero One

Oups! By the way should Whinds be spelled Winds. 😉


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There is obviously a bug that caused the "Your were garbled..." message.  I'll check it out.

Winds is spelled Whinds because some voices pronounce winds as in "He winds his watch"


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