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Software not working after instlal (FS2Crew FSL)

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I purchased and installed the FS2Crew Airbus FSL edition. However, after activating the product, this is all that is shown in the menus:


From the manuals I've supposed to get both my A320 and A319 up in this window? Also tried to go inside the sim and open the menus, but nothing happens.

Firstly I thought this might be because I chose to install the FSL on a custom location the last time, so I attempted to reinstall the A320 and A319 using the default location. However, this didn't do anything for me. Still nothing appears in this window.


Kind Regards



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Hi Kim,

This is because your the Config Manager can't locate your panel.cfg file.

For 99 percent of users, it's no problem because they use the default paths instead of moving stuff.

But please send me a Support Ticket.

We have a new Config Manager that should do a better job of allowing you to manually select a custom panel.cfg folder path if it can't locate yours.



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Posted (edited)

The problem with the FSL is that they want to install on the C-drive, and if you're like me, then that drive is not always the largest HDD in your setup. THat's why I always choose to install products on one of my other larger HDD if possible. 

I sent you a support-ticket. Thank you for the quick reply!

Edited by KimBrenna
Grammar and restructure of sentences.

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Upon install I met a somewhat similar issue.

The initial screen asked for the path to the panel.cfg, assuming this to be any panel I set an A320CFM panel path.

Filled in the registration screen.

Was then met with set your panel.cfg path again.

This led to the configuration panel as displayed by the OP.

Having restarted the configuration panel the options to enable/disable FS2Crew were then displayed and the product is functional.

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