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Stretched panels

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I'm getting stretched panels which is because I use a weird resolution of 5894x1080
As this is what happens with 2D-Popups with every new aircraft I added the following to the panel.cfg

// FS2Crew
window_size= 0.3258, 1.000.

window_size= 0.3258, 1.000

window_size= 0.3258, 1.000

Unfortunately this didn't do the job, when I try to open the main panel I see nothing
Any help how I should modify this entry?

Thanks, Klaus

Klaus Herkel

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5 hours ago, byork said:

Hi Klaus,

That's a very strange resolution you're running in.

Why are you running in that resolution?

Try commenting out the "window_size" line.

See what happens.

Hi Bryan,

this strange resolution is because I use 3 27" monitors combined using Nvidia Surround with bezel correction.

If I comment out just the "window_size" I still see nothing, I have to comment out the "[window09] line too then I get back the original stretched view
It seems that the "[windowxx]" section needs more parameters set I just don't know which ones.
Normally it isn't a problem...if you take fs2crew maddogx for example it has a "[windowxx]" section so I just correct the X value of "window_size" and all is fine but in this case creating a new one seems to be more complicated


Klaus Herkel

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I think the problem with my [windowxx] section is that there is no definition of the gauge dll
If you look at my (edited) maddog section...

size_mm=726, 57
window_size= 0.1245, 0.0475
gauge00=FS2CrewMadDog!FS2Crew_MainPanel, 0,0,726,57
gauge01=FS2CrewMadDog!FS2Crew_VoiceMain, 10,10,5,5
gauge02=FS2CrewMadDog!FS2Crew_Audio, 20,20,5,5

size_mm=890, 285
window_size= 0.1526, 0.2375
gauge00=FS2CrewMadDog!FS2Crew_AudioSetup, 0,0,890,285

I don't know why this kind of definition doesn't exist in the fsl version but right now it's impossible to make those gaugexx entries as I don't know the variables to set


Klaus Herkel

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Omg...it suddenly came into my mind...

I just looked for the window09 definition after window08 and couldn't find it
You just put your own definitions at the end of the panel.cfg..

I edited the window_size value as usual and everything is fine now!!!

Klaus Herkel

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