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Problem: Where are the manuals?

Solution: When the product is released, they will be available on-line at:

Please read the manuals!

Everything you need is in the manuals 🙂


Problem: A vehicle in UGCX is not performing as expected.  In fact, the Follow Me Driver thinks he's in the FAST AND THE FURIOUS 🙂

Solution: A very comprehensive LOG file is available to assist in troubleshooting.

It's located in:

C:\Users\****YOUR USER NAME**** \AppData\Roaming\Ultimate Ground Crew X\

Please post a link to it in your thread.


Problem: UGCX does not appear in the ADDONS MENU in FSX or P3D 

Solution: You forgot to ACTIVATE UGCX via the UGCX Config Manager, or your DLL.xml file is corrupt.

Do not forget to click directly on "SUBMIT DETAILS".

If you suspect your DLL.XML is corrupt, download this file to test.



Problem: Where is the UGCX Config Manager?

Solution: It's on your desktop (Yellow Checkerboard Icon) or via the Ultimate Ground Crew X Folder in the START MENU.



Problem: I've created a CUSTOM PUSHBACK ROUTE, but it's not working properly.

Solution: You forgot to select the PUSHBACK POINTRight click on the 2nd to last way point (the grey dot), and select PUSHBACK POINT.


Problem: The Majestic Dash 8 won't move when pushed back.

Solution: It's a known issue.  There's a method to unfreeze the Dash 8's flight model, but that system is incompatible with UGCX.  We're working on a fix.


Problem: I made custom routes.  I want to share them.  What do I do?

Solution: Your custom routes are located here.  They are stored under the airport's ICAO name.

C:\Users\****YOUR USER NAME****\AppData\Roaming\Ultimate Ground Crew X\Airport Profiles\


Problem: I can't see the ramp agent under the nose of my plane.

Solution: You can adjust the Ramp Agent's position via the POINT OF VIEW (POV) slider in the AIRCRAFT PROFILE menu.


Problem: Are there any issues using UGCX Voice Control with FS2Crew Voice Control?

Solution: If using FS2Crew Voice Control, put FS2Crew in HARD MUTE MODE via the button on the FS2Crew Main Panel while issuing any voice commands that are the same as those used by UGCX. This way you won't trigger both ramp agents.  We'll have to update the FS2Crew's to handle this without requiring you to turn on Hard Mute when talking to the ramp agents.

Also, except for the FS Labs Airbus, all FS2Crew Voice products must use ENGLISH US for the speech recognizer settings.

UGCX does not have this limit, as your speech recognizer can also be set to German, French, Spanish, English UK, or English AU.

Be mindful of that difference.


Problem: The tow bar is not connecting to the nose wheel.

Solution: Use the "Aircraft Offset" utility to define offset points for your aircraft.  It's available on the Options Menu.


Problem: The when the tug starts to push the plane back, the plane flips over.

Solution: Your parking brakes and chocks must be off.  If using the PMDG's or FSLabs Airbus, watch out for those chocks!


Problem: I'm getting pushed on to the grass.

Solution: In some cases, creating a "custom route" may be required depending on airport layout, etc.


Problem: I've selected German for the display language.  But these German characters: Ä Ö Ü ä ö ü ß" do not display.  They appear as Ae, Oe, Ue, oe, ue, ss.

Solution: We had to write it this way due to a unicode issue.  Every German will be familiar with this issue.  We have a possible solution coming up though.


Problem: I'm using Voice Control.  My voice command didn't register when I ask to start the push.

Solution: Depending on where you're going, some pushbacks may require you to speak facing/tail using a direction like this: "North west", "South East", "South West", etc., and that may catch you off guard because you're probably just thinking "North", "West", "East" and "South".

Look on the Airport diagram.  It'll tell you if you'll be using facing/tail "North West", etc.


Problem: I'm at a German, French or Spanish Airport.  My language in UGCX is set to German, French or Spanish.  But the ramp agent speaks English, not my own language.

Solution: In the Aircraft Profile menu, ensure "ENABLE REGIONAL SOUND SET" is UNCHECKED.

You will then hear native German, French or Spanish as appropriate.


When you're flying outside your home country, you'd then check ENABLE REGIONAL SOUND set to hear English spoken with the correct native accent again (Example:  British accent in the UK).


Problem: I'm getting stuttering audio.  

Solution:  It appears a recent Windows update may have messed with a lot of users sound devices.  Switch your audio device sampling rate to 16 bit, 44100 hz.  


Problem: Sometimes I see puffs of dirt when the ramp agents are walking.

Solution:  It's a scenery issue.  Some 3rd party scenery developers for some reason leave holes in the ramp instead of filling the whole thing up.  We're working on a fix.


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