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Black Box Artifacts on my ground scenery.

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I just recently applied the Prepar3d v4.5 hotfix 2 and now I'm getting these black box artifacts on my ground scenery. I have Orbx Base, Vector, and North America. I also have Europe, but I haven't tried flying in it yet. I have a screenshot of the boxes. I have a NVIDIA 1050ti that I use. It was running just fine until the past Windows update and the 4.5 hotfix. 48813018836_bcbc15648c_k.jpgPrepar3D_wwwMHnYU0i by Patrick Burks, on Flickr

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I am using orbx too, and after i updated P3D i do Always a file verification via FTX central after that for all ORBX scenery i´am using. This Scans the ORBX files, Downloads the Right files and install them into P3D again. With this method i have no issues with ORBX.



P3D V6 -  PC spec: Intel i9-9900 overclocked 5 GHz HT off, 32 GB RAM, GPU Nvidia RTX3090 24GB, 2xM2 SSD, Skalarki HomeCockpit and Jeehell FMGS on a dedicated Server, PF3 for ATC, MCE, GSX, EFB, AS+ASCA+ENV and OrbXpf3-supporter.gif

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Had the same problem.  Saw a post at the Orbx forums saying to check if the Orbx Vector files were arranged in the following order in the scenery library.  


Mine were not.  Problem went away after I arranged them as such.  


Win 10 Pro || i7-8700K ||  32GB || ASUS Z370-P MB || NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11Gb || 2 960 PRO 1TB, 840 EVO

My Files in the AVSIM Library

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