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P3D Virtual Reality Single_pass_stereo problem.

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Someone helped me find the P3D single pass stereo setting, definitely an improvement for VR and my HP Reverb however now I also have this problem when I go to select spot view for example or sometimes simply select the FSUIPC (only while in single pass stereo) menu:


"This device(NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080 Ti) stopped working for the following reason" DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED. Do you want to exit P3D? Click yes to exit. No to disable rendering to this device, or cancel to keep using this device (Prepar3D may crash)Which it does


To be clear my GPU works fine with DCS and has done for some time now. So I went hunting for a solution:

1) Updated my RTX driver, that didn't help.

2) Switched off my overclock (MSI BIOS OC GENIE) that didn't make any difference,

3) TDR regedit changes required to allow more time before GPU considered hung, that didn't work either, 

4) The only thing that seemed to make a difference was switching off "single pass" in the P3D VR settings

So I'm at a bit of a loss to be honest. Any suggestions?

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What version of P3D? I had this problem too a while back but not anymore and I'm not really sure what fixed it. I'm thinking it could be fixed by updating to P3D 4.5? 

I also believe I've read that this is caused by overclocking the graphics card but since this didn't make a difference I'm not sure. 

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I had this problem as well in VR but not so far in V4.5. I used to get it in V4.3 and V4.4.

Best of luck with it because it is a difficult problem to sort out. I never found out the reason why it fixed itself in my case. Could have been an update of the oculus software for my headset but really not sure. Might have been a change in the affinity mask I was using. It can be a baffling problem. It could also be a defective video card. It could be a power supply issue. There are so many possibilities with this particular error it is not funny. It could also be non-standard scenery I was told that could trigger it too.

You could try "prefer maximum performance" for P3D which is the only setting I change now in the nvidia drivers. Everything else is default. I adjust P3D settings for GPU usage on average around 50-60%.

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