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  1. Easy to be cynical hey! Me too right but be awesome if there’s some truth to this.
  2. Anyone know anything objective on this new combat sim?: https://www.trackwhilescan.com/
  3. https://www.roadtovr.com/unreal-engine-5-release-nanite-lumen-vr/ On further investigation, perhaps not quite the wow that I first thought. I am all in with VR but real progress is a slow and grinding road.
  4. I am not aware, I have just set the time of day as Dusk, that is all.
  5. Ok, thanks. ORBX have shown me that they have different looking lighting at NZQN.
  6. So the issue is the white runway edge lights, they are a spiderweb shape sitting at 90 degrees to the runway surface and are supposed to be the same appearance as the red papi lights in the background. It's only NZQN that does this for me. I tried as you suggested, first reducing bloom (from 0.44 to something less, then nothing) that didn't work. Then I tried leaving it at zero and switching off HDR, obviously I restarted the sim with those settings. It didn't work, but thanks for trying.
  7. I have a problem that appears to be unique to ORBX NZQN add on. I contacted ORBX but they just suggested deleting the shaders folder, only problem is that I don't use any shaders and in any case it didn't work. Anyone have any experience with this?
  8. Not at home right now but from memory OpenXR is an incorporated function. If you want to adjust settings such as resolution and reprojection you need to download OpenXR developers tool, this gives you access to the intrinsic functions of OpenXR.
  9. Hi All, I have looked everywhere without success to try to find a clear explanation of what tomato shader is? There is a million explanations as to how to install it on P3D but given that I fly in VR only and am not that interested in taking a massive performance hit for an eye candy tweak, I would like to know more about it and whether it may be worth having a look at. Does anyone have a good layperson's explanation. FWIW, I am referring to FS Labs A320 with P3D V5.3 with a high end rig in VR.
  10. Thanks X_man, that's a great article to read. I do plan to overclock, I tend to do it with the Overclock Genie which, on my current setup allows me to OC to 4.8GHz and switch on XMP 'for free' and seems to work a treat. I can't really be bothered doing all that other type of overclocking tbh but as I approach a new CPU I will be sure to take into account the VRM. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the response, I am doing this with a view to practicing formation for DCS without trying to constantly look for partners (that know what they're doing and don't constantly fly in the kill box) to fly with so the first option is out thanks @Rob_Ainscough and I have today been looking at this option albeit discussed on the P3D forums back in 2014: http://prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=93170 It would seem that there is a way to do the using simdirector. If I can do it this way internally, rather than going to a third party app that would be preferable as I am trying to do some more formation in VR and using addon software of doubtful compatibility while in VR is perhaps problematic. I'll see if I can do it with simdirector first and then look elsewhere should that fail thanks, @eldar2112 and @kevinfirth I'll report back if I have some success.
  12. I am struggling to find a way that I may record my own flight in something like to LM fictional TTA military trainer and then replay that recording while I fly alongside the recording another spawn of the same aircraft type. I am looking to use this for some formation practice in VR but many internet searches and queries have left me unsure. I am aware of some of the flight recording add-ons out there in this and other platforms but their visual performance while flying alongside seems to have some questions yet to be answered.
  13. Forgive my ignorance but I thought VRM was memory on the GPU itself, are you referring to voltage regulator module when say that motherboard VRM matters?
  14. @787flyer Hi Mark, Thank you so much for the very detailed response. I imagine we will get some more info soon enough, I have been toying with the idea of moving over to the 11th Gen but I am reasonably happy with the performance I have so far so that’s why I’m considering waiting for the 12th Gen. In terms of the costs of upgrading other components such as the motherboard and power unit, I can appreciate that this will always be a big leap particularly with Intel only covering what seems to two generations of CPU per motherboard. I’m going to upgrade at some point though, I’m banking on there being a material gain in latency, frame time or settings available at some point and it’s hard to imagine that these 7nm chips will not be the way forward but I will wait as you suggest….with baited breath.
  15. Hi all, I am thinking of upgrading my i7700 OC'd to 4.8GHz to something newer. I also use a 2080ti all in one cooler with 32G of ram and a Reverb Gen1 with the following platforms: DCS (Currently single core usage) MSFS and P3D 5.2. With that in mind, could someone with some understanding of the upcoming Alder Lake technology please give me some insight into whether this CPU may be a good performance boost. I am obviously going to need a new MOBO to carry a new CPU, truth be known I am more interested in performance than price. Here's an article to give some context to someone that can understand what the hell they're talking about, it's all Greek to me: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/intel-core-i9-12900k-geekbenched
  16. Certainly seems like Fenix is likely to shift the bar even higher than it is currently set for the A320 (FS Labs A320 in my view). If they can keep that level of detail up and have it released within a reasonable time frame then it should be truely fantastic, especially with all the failure options that they’ve mentioned so far. That would be a highlight for me.
  17. Thanks for getting back to me, I feel like a clown, looks like I just had my "hit distance" incorrectly. Sorry for the trouble. Thanks again.
  18. Is anyone able to suggest why I might be missing the VR cursor when I change aircraft or airport from the default aircraft or airport in P3D 5.2 with Hotfix? It was also occurring in 5.1. On occasion, I can see the cursor down the bottom of the HMD display but it cannot be moved so it certainly seems like a bug to me. I use WMR and SteamVR and it works great for the default aircraft scenario but when I switch, I am often looking at a black monitor with the menu options at the top and the cursor can be moved on the monitor but remains invisible within the HMD. I have also tried toggling WIN+Y without success. I have also tried toggling in and out of full screen. I have mentioned this on P3D support forums without a response so I would appreciate any ideas.
  19. I'm using a Reverb Gen 1 in (primarily) DCS but also P3D5.2 and MSFS2020 and it is awesome! That is all.
  20. No problem, I didn’t have any particular problem setting up my Gen 1 but it seems that plenty of people have. You’ve probably seen websites such as vr4dcs.com for example which can be a great resource for optimisation if not troubleshooting. I believe you’ll love it. Have fun.
  21. I don’t know enough about your CPU, I have an i7700k OC to 4.8 with a 2080ti if that helps but I know plenty of people with the 1080ti that have no problems at least as far as GPU’s go. I can’t speak highly enough of my Gen 1 Reverb, I saw one advertised here the other day for $250 Aussie. I bought mine for $1000 Aussie an it’s still rocks. I’m sure the Gen 2would also be great.
  22. I love the Reverb, even my G1.Whether it’s DCS, MSFS or P3D 5.2. I can get pretty good performance out of them all with a bit of filling around. MSFS is probably the least smooth of them all because the visuals are the most outstanding but come the end of the month you can now expect that to come up to spec too if you have a half decent rig. I fly professionally and I don’t see how people can do the pancake thing these days. Sure, I’ll look forward to the Pimax like FOV when the pixel density on that comes up to that of something liege the Reverb. In the meantime I am constantly amazed at the excellent SA that VR gives you. I did a dual flameout landing in the 320 the other day and landed back in NZQN after takeoff. The ability to get a completely realistic perspective of your time and space is unmatched.
  23. It was my experience that P3D 4.5 was a non starter for VR, more of a proof of concept than anything. 5.2 is a fairly decent improvement in my experience. You’ve got to follow the P3D settings guide in addition to your HMD’s optimisations. I’ve taken to using it in VR only recently because I find the FS Labs A320 completely unmatched for Airbus options and my head is all over the place when the faecal matter goes into number 2. And because this is my RL office and I want loads of exposure to non normals then I’m pretty happy with the performance although it’s not quite as good as MSFS and a fair way short of DCS.
  24. Hmm. That’s disappointing, seems like a straightforward thing to do. Thanks for letting me know. Ah well, back to more interesting pursuits then.
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