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  1. Thanks HiFlyer, Thanks for the response. I get the impression from what Sweviver says that in fact it’s pretty good now it fact albeit not perfect because the support hardware is some way off its full utilisation. I was hoping some other may have received there 5k+ by this stage so perhaps they might have been able to back up what Sweviver was saying but it looks a bit soon for that. I’ll check in a few weeks when a few others have had a chance to look Thanks again.
  2. Hi guys, I'm a P3D FS Labs A320 user and I'd like to have a crack at DCS also, but I've got a question if anyone could elaborate. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of good info out there on the Pimax with P3D and DCS as yet at notwithstanding what SWEVIVER has put out and to be honest a lot of that is well beyond my understanding. I've been happily plugging away at P3D with a standard 1080p monitor but I've been looking to get the VR side of things going for a while and it looks like now is possibly just about the right time to pull the trigger. I'm currently operating a i7700k Processor with a GTX1070 GPU. (4.6GHz) The CPU is NOT overclocked and I would like to avoid doing so if that might be possible. Am I correct in assuming that I could get the Pimax 5k+ going well provided I upgrade the GPU to a 1080ti 11G card to match or am I going to have issues with the processor. Cheers, Aidan
  3. aidanlegras

    Help buying VR setup

    Thanks very much for that glider1, I am indeed using a tubeliner for some RW proficiency training and looking towards DCS for a bit of fun in a Hornet too. I’ve heard a number of people talk about the resolution with far off gauges as being a bit of a problem to read. It’s going to be interesting to hear what the testers say when the NDA is released, hopefully one or two of the testers would have looked at either DCS or P3D. I guess we’ll see.........eventually.
  4. aidanlegras

    Help buying VR setup

    Does anyone argue the point that it might be worth waiting for the Pimax 8k with one of the next gen cards for a decent resolution on P3D or even DCS? I pretty interested in this as being the way forward but I'm led to believe the resolution on the currently available options leaves a little too much to be desired, especially if you're interested in reading detailed gauges.
  5. aidanlegras

    DME display

    NBouc, are you tuning them through the GPS unit to through the standard bend king stack?
  6. aidanlegras

    DME display

    Thanks Charlie for having a look but I think we’re looking at two different products there. Carenado PA31 Navajo for P3D doesnt have a 2D cockpit at all.
  7. I’m reasonably new to simming but have been flying RW for more than twenty years. Could someone one help me with why I can’t display the conventional DME on either of the the bending king readouts despite being able to tune them. I’m trying to avoid the requirement to use the GPS system at this stage, I never had it when I operated Chieftains and Navajos myself. Your help would be appreciated.
  8. Again, I’m not familiar with the FFA320 I would be interested to see a screen shot of the failures that are available if possible. There isn’t a lot of information that I’ve been able to dig up independently.
  9. The A320 has an independent fuel pump dedicated to the APU that will operate when the wing tank pumps are selected off and whenever there is no other electrical power other than batteries to the aircraft. In normal operation it’s uses the wing tank pumps. To add my two cents as a RW pilot, I only use the sim for looking at Airbus abnormals. If you’re interested in abnormals such as hydraulic failures and electrical failures then I would highly commend FS Labs A320. Although their list of failures is not exhaustive it is certainly extensive and with rare exception it is very accurate. I have found some flaws in FS Labs modelling of engine out operation but even the engine failures are pretty good when failures occur at or around V1, the ECAM modelling is essentially perfect. I have not used the FF320 at this stage and perhaps in time it will reach a similar level of authenticity to the FS Labs A320 however, from what I can see at this early stage, there is a long way to go. Good to seee some competition now in the market for those interested in Airbus.
  10. aidanlegras

    Windows10 & P3D on dedicated PC

    Mine auto updated and although it may not have been causative, it did correlate with some flickering of the P3D Window. I then updated my video driver which did not help then I also enabled triple buffering and vsync and limited my frame rate to 60Hz and I’m now back in business.
  11. aidanlegras

    P3D all screen flickering black

    Updating the driver alone did not fix the problem however enabling triple buffering and also limiting the frame rate to 60Hz seemed to do the trick, thank you people.
  12. aidanlegras

    P3D all screen flickering black

    Ok thanks people, I will try the above and see if that fixes things, thanks for you help.
  13. Hello, I was recently changing some settings with my Logitech controllers and my screen started flickering black. I have searched for similar posts but they seem to be concerned largely with overclocking. I have also switched off shadows being cast as other suggested and yet the problem persists.I am new to a lot of this and I've generally stayed away from taking the visuals too high but this seems to have occurred without me changing any visual settings. I have confirmed that it is limited to the P3D window when minimised. It occurs randomly every few seconds at inconsistent but regular intervals. I have a K7700i Processor with a GTX1070 card and nothing is overclocked. Could there be issues with my hardware without tinkering? Any suggestions?
  14. I had significant problems with the Saitek and Logitech thrust lever qaudrants, initially they worked then they suddenly stoppped. 1. You needed to use a USB 2.0 port (if you're a Luddite like me, it's the black one not the blue one) 2. You need to follow the solution above, I was fine using the short solution.
  15. Ok thanks for that, I'll give it a go when the new install arrives. I'm back at work now so there's a little less time to play around but I appreciate your follow up. Cheers.