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  1. I can help you with that. If you google P3D VR settings it will take you straight to LM’s Prepar3d VR settings page and you can scroll down and it shows you the instructions on how to make a very minor alteration to the .cfg file such that it launches SteamVR upon activating a scenario. It’s not clear to me that this is the only way to get it going but it’s certainly clear that this worked for me. Prior to that, I would select enable VR and it would attempt to launch SteamVR but it would invariably crash. Hope that helps.
  2. I have heard rumours that AMD processors may have trouble with WMR headsets. I'd give you a reference but I don't have time right now. Having said that, I have a Reverb Gen 1 and I absolutely love it. You'll love the Gen 2 no doubt.
  3. Thanks again for your setting info. I bit the bullet and upgraded to P3D 5.1 primarily for use with FS Labs A320 and using your settings is pretty good so far, particularly the: Frames = unlimited which I hadn't even noticed before even though mine were set to 30FPS! 🙄 However, now I am having this CTD message when I select SteamVR (to switch over to VR once ready to go): "Your virtual reality device reported the following error: VRCompositorError_TextureUsesUnsupportedFormat Prepar3D will now exit virtual reality. This is then followed by: "Unexpected SteamVR Error, SteamVR has encountered a critical error." Would anyone have any ideas?
  4. Can anyone here tell me how V5 is looking with Flight Sim Labs A320 or equivalent these days? I'd be keen to get my hands on it but only if VR performance would be playable my my 2080Ti and 7700K OC to 4.8.
  5. How is VR looking at this point with complex aircraft like Flight Sim Labs A320? I have been putting off upgrading to P3D version 5 because I am concerned that its VR performance despite some improvements will still be essentially useless. MSFS 2020 looks pretty reasonable for this stage of development but their is very few high end aircraft such as FS Labs A320 that I am interested in at this stage. I'm looking for some advice on the latest reviews.
  6. Ok thanks. I’ve been fiddling around and it looks like my system is running through OpenXR because it comes up with the frame time display if I select that option in OpenXR. So I’m assuming I don’t need to do this step.......?
  7. Now that I have Open XR installed, can someone tell me how I "choose" to use OpenXR instead of SteamVR? So far I have been opening WMR and then running MSFS2020, when I CTRL_TAB into VR, I am seeing similar visuals, albeit in a different colour to the standard SteamVR visuals. I am not sure how I select one versus the other. Also, is there a way that I can visually confirm whether I have reprojection on or off like there is with SteamVR? Thanks in advance.
  8. Yep got that. Any Reverb users that can tell me about OpenXR and Steamvr differences?
  9. I’m completely sold, I’ve been on DCS With the Reverb Gen 1 for more than a year with the RTX2080ti and that’s awesome. Although the frame rate is less in MSFS it is extremely good, certainly better than I might have expected given the talk earlier on. As yet I haven’t adjusted any settings at all. On a side note can anyone tell me whether I am using steam VR or Open XR? I’m a bit confused, one of the vids I lied I have a choice but I’m looking to get reprojection going. I think it is right now tbh but I’m not sure. Once that’s up, I’ll be more confident stuffing around with the in game settings as per various recommendations. Thanks in advance.
  10. I am no expert, far from it but I do know that while you need a decent GPU, much of the decent software is being bottlenecked at the processor. I have an i7700k OC to 4.8GHz and an RTX 2080 Ti with my HP Reverb and on P3D 4.5 my performance is rubbish, perhaps it's a bit better on P3D V5.0 but the only software that I use where VR truly flies is DCS. I have heard that IL2 is even better than that but I am less interested in that. Using DCS with an older 1070 and a CV1 was unplayable. I believe when we see different API's allowing more efficient use of multi-core/multi-threading or much faster GPU's then we will see true benefits of VR. But as I said DCS, rocks in VR!
  11. Yes because of the way it’s filmed but I have a Reverb Gen 1 and it’s not blurry, it’s friggin awesome, albeit on DCS. No other sim that I use as a descent refresh rate......yet
  12. I’m not in the closed beta but I’m led to believe it’s happening very soon which is great. If it’s not in VR I’m not interested.
  13. I'm an Airbus Captain and I had a passing interest in PC simulation since FS Labs A320 came out as it has helped me stay sharp professionally. However, after I setup a decent rig and saw DCS, I thought I would try the free sample. It was interesting enough but too clumsy on a flat screen monitor, then one of my first officers at my airline suggested I have another look through his Rift CV1. "You'll buy one within 24 hours" he said. I had a look and, what d'ya know, I now have a new hobby! It's VR or nothing as far as I am concerned, I could teach anyone to fly safely and effectively provided they have access to reasonable gear including a VR headset. I would go so far as to suggest that those that stick to a flat screen monitor should perhaps be called "flat-earthers" but I wouldn't want to be rude 😉
  14. A few people have made the point that this happens on DCS too. Ironic isn’t it.
  15. That’s useful thanks. Does anyone want to take a stab at how VR performance might be like on something like a Reverb with a 2080ti when it’s eventually implemented for us plebs that don’t want to do the closed beta?
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