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raining, but without P2A indicating it

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I have just flown in to Panama City MPTO, enroute I checked the weather and it indicated scattered clouds at 600 and 1600, broken at 8000 with no precip.

About 100 miles out rain started and continued right on down to landing. Sitting on the field now, it's raining

Checking the Xplane weather (set to match real world) it shows stormy conditions with light rain. In agreement with P2A, two scattered and one broken layer.

In the P2A wx configuration, weather source is SIM Weather. Xplane and P2A report the same barometer reading for MPTO.

How it can be raining with both Xplane and P2A appearing to get the data from the same source, yet P2A reports no precip?

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It likely is a difference in when the METAR.rwx file is read by P2A.

Also, be sure the X-Plane Root Wx Folder is set to the root folder for your X-Plane installation on the Wx tab of config.  Otherwise, it will default to reading NOAA weather directly and have a greater chance of not matching.

If you notice this situation again, please email me (admin @ pilot2atc.com) the METAR.rwx file and I'll see if there is possibly something wrong with the reading of the file.



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followup on this subject. The same thing happened at another airport, rain in Xplane but none in the P2A wx report. This time I checked the METAR and though everything else was correct (wind and clouds) there was no rain being reported...so this appears to be a Xplane thing. P2A is accurate.

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