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Can No Longer Install FSXFlight

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I recently upgraded to Windows 10 Home, so I have also had to reload all flight sim software. So far, all has gone well, except for getting P3D v4.5 to connect with Foreflight Mobile.

I can get Foreflight to connect with P3D by enabling the GPS Out feature of P3D. Unfortunately, while accurately depicting my aircrafts position, it does not display any simulator or VATSIM traffic. I believe this is a restriction of P3D.

in the past, I have used both FSXFlight and the Flight1 Foreflight plugin to connect Foreflight to P3D. These plugins also allowed traffic displays. Unfortunately, I don’t think the Flight1 plugin works for P3D v4. And when I try to install FSXFlight, it acts like the installer is trying to download the program from an internet site that is no longer available. When I try to contact FSXFlight Support, the email is returned as undeliverable do to server error. Has Jacob Eting just vanished? Can anyone get their FSXFlight installer to work?

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Unfortunately Jacob EITING (https://twitter.com/jeiting) has taken down FSXFlight. He doesn't reply to request ON FSXFlight for months. Not sure, it's a good way to manage customers mostly because it seems they were a period of time where the app was available to purchase and the support was already vanished...



If you don't mind of AI Trafic broadcasted as ADS-B trafic you can just use the GPS Broadcast embedded P3D feature. I read that some users found AI Trafic broadcast with the GPS Broadcast feat that I personally never succeed working this way. Forum's users mentioned also XMAPSY (https://xmapsy.com/) as a good alternative


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