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Incorrect coastlines Channel Islands UK

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So I was making some photoreal yesterday for the small Channel islands in the UK for default P3D v4.5. When my photoreal was applied I noticed the coastlines in many places were a bit off. In other words, where the photreal ends (at some coasts) the default landclass can be seen leading down to the ocean. These are small islands so it becomes kind of apparent 🙂

I assume a product like Orbx UK can solve this easily with its updated vector data, but since I dont fly in mainland UK at all and I dont need the landclass, updated airports etc that the product provide I figure I am better off with any freeware alternative that basically just fixes the Channel Islands coastlines. So my question is, does anyone know where to find this…. or if nothing else if its possible to corrrect/improve coastlines myself somehow?

Mikael Cedergren

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I have no idea how to solve the issue, but your question prompted my curiosity and I came across this when I searched. It's for FSX, but it may help, I don't know.


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