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Do any of you have experience with the Tokyo Scenery of Samscene V2?

I use ORBX products (Base, Global, Vector) in P3DV4 and the result is a

dense urban development, but not very accurate. 

I have the impression from the product photos of Samscenen that there

are many specially modeled buildings, but there are also some free areas

in between, where you can only see the satellite groundimage, where there should

be a "sea of houses". 

At the moment Simmmarket offers the sceneries for about 27 Euro

and I am thinking about it.

Greetings Erik

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Try the freeware Tokyo city scenery at http://p3d.o.oo7.jp/TKO.html as an alternative first.
Unless you speak Japanese, you'll have to put the site through Google translate.

I think the scenery by SamScene is fine, but not great.
As you point out, there are big holes in the autogen coverage where you can see the ortho.
Placement of autogen on the imagery isn't the best either.

From certain angles it looks good, plenty of objects included and it performs well.
There's a little loss of FPS, but not very much.

The biggest FPS eater by far is Technobrain's RJTT - I cannot recommend it at its current price.

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I had the http://p3d.o.oo7.jp/TKO.html freeware time ago and found it really poor, notably its resolution. SamScene isn't perfect either but much better, IMHO. However, I disliked the color blending to the surrounding ORBX environment. SamScene ground image is pretty grey while ORBX tends to be green (as always) and if you fly out of SamScene it's pretty disturbing. Also the SamScene Autogen doesn't fit that well to the surrounding ORBX autogen.

I now use a Tokyo scenery made by Technobrain, maker of  RJTT.


I find this much better than the alternatives and it fits better to the ORBX environment. Besides, I find it much more coherent over the alternatives. It also blends best to their RJTT. Contrary to RJTT, which is really lagging, performance of their Toyko is good. However, the price (as with all Technobrain products) is really, really steep, thus you may think twice (I bought it during a sale at a slightly reduced price) - your decision.

There are two more alternatives. 

(1) Drzewiecki Design is determined to produce a Tokyo Airports package and, initially aimed for a Tokyo CityScene as well. I read somewhere that they discarded the CityScene, though, in expectation of the new MSFS and just would provide a POI collection, but I'm not sure it this is still their opinion.

(2) You can expect Tokyo to be included in MSFS (like all cities worldwide).  This may lack some POIs but certainly willl integrate well into the environment. So it's questionable if this sort of CityScapes will have a future for MSFS users and if the remaining Prepar3dx user base will  warrant their further development.

Kind regards, Michael

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