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FX supported hardware list?

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Agree entirely, I have twice as much of the minimal requrements and have only the possibility in my computer for a higher video card. FS9 works perfectly with the minimum requirements, I cannot see why FSX apparently needs all the extra's. I think it will be cheaper to buy a new computor instead of all the up-grading.I cannnot find anywhere what the difference the minimal requirements, compared with higher and the very best, for FSX make in using this game.I am frightened that if I put in all my pay & free aircraft and sceneries like I have in FS9 my computer will not only crash but disintergrate.Cloud9 offer a bundle price for FSX and a fine joystick for a reasonable price maybe because people have stop buying FSX due to all the negative remarks in the forums. One of the designers had promised a release of an airport scenery at the same time as the release date of FSX , am still waiting. Why are all the add-on scenery/airplane designers having trouble making their products work for FSX?At the moment I will stick to my FS9 and practice with FSX until a solution for all the problems have been found.Christiaan

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