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Clouds in FU3

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In the Readme file of FU3 folder, there are references to clouds :

- Large cloud models (aka cumulus clouds).  

- "puffs" within a cumuliform cloud

- Large cloud decks are rendered using "puffs", arranged in a grid, and have a
"backdrop" when viewed from above or below.

Has anyone been able to correctly identify which is which in the sim skies?


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If you're still interested, after a lot of testing, these are my settings for clouds. I removed everything related, and left just this:



;--In hardware, smaller values make the clouds puff-out when further away, and
;--will adversely affect framerate (defaults min=150, max=200).
model_puff_min 150
model_puff_max 200
;--This will change the size of the "puffs" within a cumuliform cloud (default=2)
model_puffscale 3
;--One factor in determining "puff" size (default=0.05).
CloudDeck_PuffOnlyRadiusRatio 0.050000
;--Maximum size of "grid" element (in whole numbers, default=16).
CloudDeck_PuffOnlyMaxQuadSize 32
;--Maximum size of puff, in whole numbers (default=5).
CloudDeck_PuffOnlyMaxPuffSize 8

This is my setting for sky:

sky_LowLevel1ScatterRedHW 1
sky_LowLevel1ScatterGreenHW 1
sky_LowLevel1ScatterBlueHW 1
sky_LowLevel1ScatterRedScatterHW 0.23
sky_LowLevel1ScatterGreenScatterHW 0.33
sky_LowLevel1ScatterBlueScatterHW 0.42
sky_LowLevel1OpticalDepthHW 800

Profile Sunset is buggy, it's at night. I selected Fair Weather-Cloudy, put hour 19:15, and saved as Sunset.

I tweaked again ReShade:


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I am virtually certain that there were supposed to be a greater number of cloud types in FU3 (based on one or two of the screenshots that are shown during the installation process), but that these were not implemented in time before Electronic Arts decided to kick the product onto store shelves before it was completely ready. Other evidence of this early release included the rather sloppy appearance of many of the taxiway centre and edge lines at various airports and airfields.

Christopher Low

UK2000 Beta Tester


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There is a kind of cumulus, but finally I decided to remove it:


Because its integration is a bit ridiculous. Colour and size aren't ok to coexist with the others kinds of clouds.

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Dear FU3 friends,

belonging the FU3 config file flt3.cfg and "cloud modelling" (but not only to that!) our old beloved friend Jon Point is in my opinion the master of it - well organized and good commented.
I have an big old cfg-file from him on my HDD and would like to share it here with you (I hope he is confirm with that). There are really much of use- and helpful comment lines in the cfg file which is for sure helping a lot of useres who are interesstet in tweaking there around their FU3.

But be warned - the file is really long. So may be you need some "page down" buttons repeating until you come to the interesting cloud section. 😀

Here it is and you can direct store it as flt3.cfg to see how it is working for you (except you need / use special joystic settings etc.)

Nice greetings


;Note- Editing your Config file can cause the game to crash.
;It is recommended that you save a backup of your CFG file.
;  Peter James (original notes)
;  Peter James (preferred settings release)
;  Weather effects site LC Doering
;  Experimentation and further development by Robert Driscoll

language eng

;From John Lewis (Glidernut) - use larger value to improve distance models.
;model_detail_scale 250
;--Gets rid of opening loud movie

;head_tilt 0
last_command head_tilt 350

;--Give your plane a shadow
;--Large clouds will cast shadows on the terrain and on models. It is absent by default.

;--For proper size taxi-signs
sign_scale .3
;--Change airport beacon brightness
beacon_brightness 2.7
;--Disables caution and warning systems
;--This will stop Approach and Control from screaming at you on guard.

;--Set the average number of hours between failures you want (default=24 hours).
engine_mtbf 24
electric_mtbf 24
;--Set ILS wait time. # represents the amount of time, in seconds, you spend
;--waiting to intercept the localizer (default=300). If you are having trouble
;--intercepting the localizer, you can decrease the amount of time.  For a more
;--realistic experience, we suggest that you leave it set at 300.
ils_delay_time_max 300


;--Enables the grids button in flight planner, inflight, quick flight and FBO map screens.
;--Grids may also be cycled through with the 'g' hotkey in the map screens

;--Enable the player plane to become partially transparent.  Set the level of
;--transparency with the console command set_stealth which takes a percentage
;--parameter (0 = solid, 100 = invisible)
;stealth_level 0

;--These set the color of the marque text (radio messages), and take r,g,b triplet
;--arguments where r, g and b have to be in the range 0 through 255.
;marquee_text 0 255 0
;marquee_background 255 0 255
;marquee_border 255 255 0

;--FLED normally won't let you edit objects that shipped with Flight Unlimited (tm). If
;--you place "IWorkHere" in your cfg file, you will be able to modify the placement of
;--shipping objects in the game, but your work will not be saved in an exportable package.
;--If you adjust the outer terrain, then set these:
;121.15 121.95 45.00 47.00

;--This puts a big triangle wherever there is a challenge marker.

;--This gives "old" throttle behavior, where throttle is not read
;--until it is touched for the first time.  Current new behavior
;--is to read it upon entering fly mode

;--Prevent game responding to any rudder commands from a joystick:
;--This will make the game ignore any improper throttle commands it hears (some
;--joysticks have issues with occasionally sending rudder or throttle messages
;--even when the joystick has no rudder or throttle attached. The above 2 commands
;--can be used if you are having a problem).

;--Gets rid of brakes message
;--Gets rid of the "e to start engine" message on window
;--Adds "other" airports to the scenery area.

;--In fly mode, the mouse will disappear after # seconds of inactivity.
;--Moving it will bring it back.
mouse_vanish 4

;--Having this line in your cfg file will enable you to fly freely throughout the world
;--using your joystick.  "Zoar mode" is toggled in-game by pressing control-Z.

plane B747_400
airport sea
region seattle
CurrentLog pilot000.log
default_weather w006.wsd

last_command head_tilt 350
opt_hw_acceleration 1
opt_3dhw_last_hw 1
opt_video_resolution 2
opt_perspective 1
opt_close_caption 0
opt_aircraft_density 103
opt_distance_clipping 103
opt_terrain_detail 103
opt_enhanced_cumulus 1
opt_gamma_correction 33
opt_engine_volume 81
opt_stereo_reverse 0
opt_sfx_volume 77
opt_master_volume 103
opt_radio_volume 0
opt_black_box_space 103
opt_wind_accuracy 2
opt_enhanced_cumulus 1
opt_fair_weather_cumulus 1
opt_cumuloform_population 103
opt_cumuloform_variability 103
opt_wind_accuracy 2
opt_BDensity 5
opt_sun_moon_glare 1
opt_fuel_cap 3
opt_pilot_voice 5
opt_propeller 1
opt_engine_torque 1
opt_coordinated_rudder 1
opt_sky_detail 2
opt_invulnerable 0
opt_engine_failure 0
opt_gear_damage 1
opt_ambient_sound 1
opt_collisions 1
opt_electric_failure 0
haze_scale 49
turb_scale 47
joystick_sensitivity 62
forcefeedback_xmin 0.
forcefeedback_ymin 0.
wx_severity 3.213255851e-039
show_distant_mountains 1
control_tweak 22
tape_strip_inside 0
tape_strip_outside 0


;--If this line is present, the blackbox recording and playback use real world time,
;--rather than game time.  Game time and real time drift apart when rendering slows
;--down, such as when you switch views rapidly.  Using this config variable will make
;--your recordings stay in better sync with any .wav files they reference.
blackbox_autorec 1048576

;--If this line is present, the game will make a flight recording whenever you fly a
;--challenge.  The challenge blackbox file is put in the recs directory with the name
;--"lastchal.bbx".  The description text of the challenge is the name of the challenge
;--(like "hoops1").  Note that only a single challenge is saved this way. You must
;--rename lastchal.bbx to something else if you don't want it to be overwritten the
;--next time you fly a challenge.
maximum_cap 280000000


pattern_cap 10
takeoff_cap 8
ground_cap 20
ai_density_multiplier 1.4

cam_mode 1

qf_loc_is_airport 1
qf_loc_pos_x 0.
qf_loc_is_landing 0
qf_loc_is_takeoff 0
qf_loc_airport 52
qf_loc_lat 0.0000000000000
qf_loc_alt 0
qf_loc_pos_y 0.
qf_loc_pos_z 0.
qf_loc_lon 0.0000000000000
qf_loc_runway 0

;TRAINING - what training mode should we run ?

Lesson1FirstPageViewed 1
Lesson0FirstPageViewed 1
Lesson3FirstPageViewed 1
Lesson4FirstPageViewed 1

; Weather Rendering and Sky Rendering

;--Set this to the size, in bytes, you want to use for your haze cache.  Higher numbers
;--will use more of your system resources in exchange for better performance, especially
;--in moderate to severe weather conditions (default=512000).
haze_cache_size 512000

;--TERRAIN HAZE: Controls the haze on the terrain.  Its default value is specular,
;--as specular is more compatible with terrain than with models and clouds.
;--Options are "specular", "multipass" (or "MT"), "fog"
TerrainHazeMethod specular

;--SKYHAZE: Specify whether to use fog, specular lighting, or multi-pass effects for
;--rendering haze on clouds.  Its value may be "fog", "specular" or "multipass".
;--SPEED:  Specular is the fastest method, followed by fog then multipass.
;--VISUAL: Specular is best, followed by multipass then fog.
;--3D Drivers: multipass is safest, followed by fog then specular.
;--The default value is multipass.
SkyHazeMethod fog

;--MODEL HAZE: Same as above, but controls the haze on 3D models (default=multipass).
ModelHazeMethod multipass

;HazeMethod specular

;--A full haze recalculation is triggered when the local haze conditions change
;--by a "delta" value. The smaller the value, the more frequent the recalculation.
MaxHazeDelta 0.1

;--Radians, representing when night begins (default=0.2588190451025).
Haze_NightZ 0.2588190451025

;--This represents how often, in seconds, the terrain will recompute its haze and shading.
;--Higher numbers will improve your performance at the cost of "jumpy" haze effects.
terrain_delta_time 5
;--This represents how often, in seconds, haze in general is recomputed.  Higher numbers
;--will improve your performance at the cost of "jumpy" haze effects.
haze_delta_time 8

;--Remove this line to enable single-pass multitexturing on 3D cards that support it.
;--We have found that many 3D drivers misreport their ability to do the kind of
;--multitexturing we request and so this is on by default.  Single-pass multitexturing
;--will increase your performance in nighttime, urban scenes.
;--Flight Unlimited (tm) 3 may use per-vertex fog effects. If your 3D driver misreports
;--its ability to do this feature, place this line in your cfg file to disable it.
;--If you see mysterious green lights on the tops of buildings, or if buildings
;--mysteriously change colors at a distance, place this line in your flt3.cfg.  It
;--will work around a common problem with 3D drivers.


;--The higher the number, the more calculations (default=1).
Haze_NumSubSegments 1
;--The smaller the number, the more calculations (default=20000).
Haze_RemainingChunkSize 20000
;--Night-time transition angle (default=0.1736481776669).
Haze_AmbientFudge 0.1736481776669
;--Fudge (default=0).
haze_LowLevelModifier 0
;--How far out we can break into chunks and calculate (default=35000).
;haze_MaximumDistance 35000
;--How thick cloud haze is (0-1) (default=1).
haze_foghazelevel 0.95
;--Fudge (default=1).
Haze_GlobalNonLowLevelHazeWeight 1
;--When scatter is considered total (default=0.0001).
Haze_ST_Threashhold 0.0001
;--The higher the number, the slower the framerate (default=50).
Haze_MaxBlendSumIts 50
haze_lowlevelhazelevel 0.1

;Cloud "models", which are cumuliform clouds, have many settings.


;--In hardware, smaller values make the clouds puff-out when further away, and
;--will adversely affect framerate (defaults min=150, max=200).
model_puff_min 150
model_puff_max 200
;--This will change the size of the "puffs" within a cumuliform cloud (default=2)
model_puffscale 3
;--One factor in determining "puff" size (default=0.05).
CloudDeck_PuffOnlyRadiusRatio 0.050000
;--Maximum size of "grid" element (in whole numbers, default=16).
CloudDeck_PuffOnlyMaxQuadSize 32
;--Maximum size of puff, in whole numbers (default=5).
CloudDeck_PuffOnlyMaxPuffSize 8
;--Other factors in puff size (defaults 2.5,0.1).
PuffGrid_Scale 2.5
PuffGrid_TopScaleVariation 0.1
;--Random puff placement (defaults 0.1, 0.1).
puff_puffonlyx 0.1
puff_puffonlyz 0.1
;--Values that affect puff placement and scale with distance (defaults 0.5, 0.5, 0.8).
PuffGrid_TopOffset 0.5
PuffGrid_TopAdjust 0.5
PuffGrid_CosmicFudge 0.8
;--Size, in whole numbers, of backdrop (default=4).
PuffGrid_BackdropSize 4
;--Decreasing this decreases framerate, but improves accuracy of puff sizes (default=0.1).
PuffGrid_SquashIncrement 0.05
;--Fade-in/out time for grid puffs (default=3).
puff_gridstale 20
;--Wait this long before puff dies (default=2).
puff_griddelay 2
;--Define this to turn off terrain height compensation.

;--Haze calc frequency for puffs (default 4, 2).
puff_gridHazeCalcTime 4
puff_gridHazeCalcTimeVariation 2
;--Largest size of glommed non-puff grid elements (default=32).
grid_MaxTileIncrement 32
;--How quickly non-puff grid elements are glommed together with distance (default=1.6).
grid_MinTexelScreenSize 1.6
;--Fudgy things (defaults SubQuad 0.5, StandAlone 0.9).
;--I guess Threashold means threshold.
grid_SubQuadThreashhold 0.5
grid_StandAloneThreashhold 0.9
;--Various grid element sizes, in meters (defaults 64000,16000,16000,4096,4096,4096).
grid_TileSize_Cirrus 64000
grid_TileSize_CirroCumulus 16000
grid_TileSize_AltoCumulus 16000
grid_TileSize_StratoCumulus 4096
grid_TileSize_NimboStratus 4096
grid_TileSize_Stratus 4096
;--In Software (SW), how many grid elements are sorted. The more, the better
;--looking, but slower the framerate (defaults 25,50).
CloudDeck_MinSWGridObjects 25
CloudDeck_MaxSWGridObjects 100

;--How often backdrop haze is calculated (defaults 3, 1).
Backdrop_HazeTimeDelta 3
Backdrop_HazeTimeVariation 1

;--Large cloud models (aka cumulus clouds) may obscure other clouds, terrain,
;--and models. This behavior may be disabled.
;--Cumulus clouds may also "shade" depending on the sun's position relative to
;--the camera. This may be disabled.
;--In software, cumulus clouds are positioned near cloud decks, unless disabled.

;--When under cumuliform clouds, their bases get hazed specially. When these
;--values are smaller, their update frequency increases, and framerate decreases.
;--Defaults Dist=1024, Time (seconds)=10, Delta=3
CloudModel_QuadRecomputeDist 1024
CloudModel_QuadRecomputeTime 5
CloudModel_HazeDistDeltaUpdateTime 4

;--These define when vertical polygons alpha (fade) out, depending on angle to camera.
;--Smaller values yield tighter transitions (default Min=0.17, Max=0.34).
CloudModel_AlphaValMin 0.12
CloudModel_AlphaValMax 0.24

;--This defines the relative color intensity of the base, relative to the rest of
;--the cloud (default 0.6).
CloudModel_BottomIntensity 0.6

;--Smaller values here increase overall cloud haze calculation frequency, and
;--decrease performance (defaults Time=5, Var=2).
CloudModel_HazeCalcTime 5
CloudModel_HazeCalcTimeVariation 2
;--This defines the largest size chunk with which the base of the cloud may be
;--rendered (default=1024).
CloudModel_MinBottomSize 1024
;--Maximum number of chunks for base of cloud. Must be a power of 2 (default=32).
CloudModel_MaxBottomQuads 32
;--Rate, relative to distance from camera, at which the cloud base is broken into
;--chunks. Large values yield higher rate (default=200).
CloudModel_MinBottomScreenSize 400
;--Rate at which the chunks hazes are computed. Smaller values yield more frequent
;--computation (defaults 20 sec and 100).
CloudModel_HazeTimeDelta 10
CloudModel_HazeDistDelta 50
;--Max number of cumuliform clouds whose visibility is calculated per frame (default=50).
CloudVisibilityMax 70
;--How important a contributor the sky as a whole is to lighting itself (default=0.5).
;Cloud_SkyWeight 0.75

;--Says over what time, in seconds, does cumuliform haze interpolate (default=3).
CloudHazeDeltaTime 3
;--How cumuliform haze is colored (depth=10000, R=0.466, G=0.529, B=0.627).
CloudHaze_MaxDepth 10000
CloudHaze_MaxDepthColor 0.4666666666667 0.5294117647059  0.6274509803922
;--How flying through cirrus or altocumulus creates haze (depth=150, Mod=1).
CloudHaze_MaxThinGridHazeDepth 150
CloudHaze_MaxThinGridHazeModifier 1
;--How see-through altocumulus decks are (default=0.8).
ThinGridAlpha 0.8

;--Large cloud decks are rendered using "puffs", arranged in a grid, and have a
;--"backdrop" when viewed from above or below.

;Here's how the falling rain and snow is defined.

reg_average_temperature 270
reg_seasonal_temperature_variation 50
reg_daily_temperature_variation 263
reg_daily_temperature_variation_summer 35
reg_daily_temperature_variation_winter 25
reg_random_temperature_variation 20
reg_frontal_temperature_variation 30

;--How many (default=400).
snow_MaxParticles 5000
;--How far out they (both snow and rain) can be created (meters, default=10):
precip_MaxRadius 25
;--Terminal velocity, in m/s (default=-1.0).
snow_TermVel -1.0
;--Size, in inches, a snowflake is (default 0.5).
snow_size 1.4
;--How far and how slow a snowflake must be to be rendered as a single flake (default 10,4).
snow_minstreakdist 10
snow_minstreakspeed 4
;--How see-through snow is when moving slow or fast (default 0.1,0.7).
snow_minOpacity 0.5
snow_maxOpacity 0.9

sky_SnowOpticalDepthHW 50

;Here's how you tweak those marvelous windshield raindrops, which are really
;composed of three separate effects.

;--How many of each effect, when at max intensity.
;--Defaults: maxdrops=20, maxspecks=240, maxsplats=10
windshield_Maxdrops 160
windshield_Maxspecks 300
windshield_MaxSplats 40
;--Fudgy thing that makes them curve (default=0.60).
windshield_CurvatureYFactor 0.80
;--How they respond to relative velocity. Higher numbers make faster movements.
windshield_VelAirspeedfactor 0.8
;--Fudgy thing that makes them affected by gravity (default=6).
windshield_ForceFactor 5
;--Fudgy thing that makes them move randomly (default=0.1).
windshield_JitterFactor 0.1

;--How many (default=400).
rain_MaxParticles 5000
;--Terminal velocity, in m/s (default=-6.0).
rain_TermVel -10.0
;--How see-through precipitation is when moving slow or fast (default 0.1,0.7).
rain_minOpacity 0.2
rain_maxOpacity 0.6
sky_RainOpticalDepthHW 50

;--Defines how haze behaves around light vector. 'Optical' is -1 to 1.
;--'Mie' is 0 to 1. (defaults Rain -1, Snow -1, Cloud -0.2, Min 0.8, Front 1,
;--Max 0.9).
;sky_RainMinOptical -1
;sky_SnowMinOptical -1
;sky_CloudMinOptical -0.2
;sky_HazeMieMin 0.8
;sky_HazeMieFront 1
;sky_HazeMieBack 0.9

;--Min/max optical values, 0 to 1 (defaults 0.8, 1).
;sky_HazeOpticalMin 0.8
;sky_HazeOpticalMax 1

;--Fudge, default=0.5).
;sky_AmbientSquash 0.5

;  Wisps are a HW only effect that occur when inside, above, below cloud decks;
;  entering or exiting a cumuliform cloud, or flying around an altocumulus or
;  cirrus deck.

;  Disable all wisps
;  Disable near cloud decks
;  These define their density. Larger numbers result in slower framerate.
;  Defaults Max=30, Size=150, Dist=120.
wisp_Max 60
wisp_Size 150
wisp_Dist 240
;  Wisp translucency (0 to 1) is affected by its relative speed, measured in m/s.
;  Defaults are MaxSpeed=6, MinSpeed=0.3, MaxSpeedAlpha=0.6, MinSpeedAlpha=0.05
wisp_MaxSpeed 6
wisp_MinSpeed 0.3
wisp_MaxSpeedAlpha 0.4
wisp_MinSpeedAlpha 0.05
;  Wisps are created this far from camera, in meters (default=10).
wisp_MinDist 50
;  A value of 0 to 1. The lower the value, the sooner the wisp density reaches maximum.
wisp_MinHazeLevel 0.3

;  Here's a bunch of random stuff relating to sky coloration, and other
;  miscellany.

;  How high the atmosphere exists (default=50000 ft).
AtmosphereThickness 50000
;  How quickly atmosphere gets thin with altitude (default=0.4).
AtmosphereDensityRatio 0.4

;  Size, in radians, sun and moon appear (defaults both 0.08726646259972).
moon_size 0.0450
sun_size 0.0436
;  Fudgy thing to make moon look right (default=0.9).
moon_maxscatter 0.9
;  Fudgy thing for how much the moon lights the sky (default=3).
MoonIntensityModifier 3

;  How many low level haze profiles we have defined (default=2).
sky_NumLowLevelHazeProfiles 5
;  Define this to specify which profile to use, else one is chosen randomly.
;  Format: "sky_UseLowLevelProfile (1 to sky_NumLowLevelHazeProfiles)"
sky_UseLowLevelProfile 5

;  Haze profiles follow from here. A haze profile is defined for HW and
;  SW independently. It's HW if it has an 'HW' postfix. A profile defines
;  it's blend r,g,b (all 0 to 1), and its scatter r,g,b (0 to 1), and an
;  optical depth (in meters).
;  In absence of any low level profile, these defaults are used:

sky_LowLevelScatterRedHW 0.9
sky_LowLevelScatterGreenHW 0.8
sky_LowLevelScatterBlueHW 1
sky_LowLevelScatterRedScatterHW 0.9
sky_LowLevelScatterGreenScatterHW 0.11
sky_LowLevelScatterBlueScatterHW 0.8
sky_LowLevelOpticalDepthHW 2000

sky_LowLevelScatterRed 0.075
sky_LowLevelScatterGreen 0.4
sky_LowLevelScatterBlue 0.5
sky_LowLevelScatterRedScatter 0.015
sky_LowLevelScatterGreenScatter 0.11
sky_LowLevelScatterBlueScatter 0.2
sky_LowLevelOpticalDepth 5000

;  To define a specific low level profile, use # for profile number, and
;  HW postfix where needed:
; SUNSET:         1.0, 0.96,  0.97,  0.25, 0.40, 0.55, OD=600   
; DEFAULT:        1.0, 0.999, 0.95,  0.20, 0.32, 0.40, OD=800
; GOLDEN:         1.0, 0.995,  0.97,  0.34, 0.40, 0.70, OD=700
; THICK FOG:      1.0, 1.00,  1.00,  0.80, 0.80, 0.80, OD=100
; CLEAR DAY:      1.0, 0.995, 0.97,  0.30, 0.60, 0.80, OD=1500

sky_LowLevel1ScatterRedHW 1
sky_LowLevel1ScatterGreenHW 0.96
sky_LowLevel1ScatterBlueHW 0.97
sky_LowLevel1ScatterRedScatterHW 0.25
sky_LowLevel1ScatterGreenScatterHW 0.40
sky_LowLevel1ScatterBlueScatterHW 0.55
sky_LowLevel1OpticalDepthHW 600

sky_LowLevel2ScatterRedHW 1.0
sky_LowLevel2ScatterGreenHW 0.999
sky_LowLevel2ScatterBlueHW 0.95
sky_LowLevel2ScatterRedScatterHW 0.45
sky_LowLevel2ScatterGreenScatterHW 0.52
sky_LowLevel2ScatterBlueScatterHW 0.55
sky_LowLevel2OpticalDepthHW 1300

sky_LowLevel3ScatterRedHW 1.0
sky_LowLevel3ScatterGreenHW 0.995
sky_LowLevel3ScatterBlueHW 0.97
sky_LowLevel3ScatterRedScatterHW 0.34
sky_LowLevel3ScatterGreenScatterHW 0.40
sky_LowLevel3ScatterBlueScatterHW 0.7
sky_LowLevel3OpticalDepthHW 700

sky_LowLevel4ScatterRedHW 0.6
sky_LowLevel4ScatterGreenHW 0.6
sky_LowLevel4ScatterBlueHW 0.6
sky_LowLevel4ScatterRedScatterHW 0.5
sky_LowLevel4ScatterGreenScatterHW 0.7
sky_LowLevel4ScatterBlueScatterHW 0.9
sky_LowLevel4OpticalDepthHW 100

sky_LowLevel5ScatterRedHW 0.97
sky_LowLevel5ScatterGreenHW 0.995
sky_LowLevel5ScatterBlueHW 1.0
sky_LowLevel5ScatterRedScatterHW 0.3
sky_LowLevel5ScatterGreenScatterHW 0.7
sky_LowLevel5ScatterBlueScatterHW 0.8
sky_LowLevel5OpticalDepthHW 1800

;  End of haze profiles

;  Other haze types:

;--Rayleigh scattering - these affect the "clear air" absorption & scatter,
;--the first 7 for software, next 7 for hardware
;--(default values 0.01,0.023,0.05, 0.0004,0.002,0.003)
sky_RayleighScatterRed 0.01
sky_RayleighScatterGreen 0.023
sky_RayleighScatterBlue 0.05
sky_RayleighScatterRedScatter 0.0004
sky_RayleighScatterGreenScatter 0.002
sky_RayleighScatterBlueScatter 0.003
sky_RayleighOpticalDepth 5000

; --(default values 0.01,0.023,0.05, 0.0004,0.002,0.003)
sky_RayleighScatterRedHW 0.01
sky_RayleighScatterGreenHW 0.023
sky_RayleighScatterBlueHW 0.05
sky_RayleighScatterRedScatterHW 0.0004
sky_RayleighScatterGreenScatterHW 0.002
sky_RayleighScatterBlueScatterHW 0.003
sky_RayleighOpticalDepthHW 5000

sky_RainScatterRedHW 0.3
sky_RainScatterGreenHW 0.35
sky_RainScatterBlueHW 0.45
sky_RainScatterRedScatterHW 0.95
sky_RainScatterGreenScatterHW 0.93
sky_RainScatterBlueScatterHW 0.91
sky_RainOpticalDepthHW 50

sky_SnowScatterRedHW 0.7
sky_SnowScatterGreenHW 0.72
sky_SnowScatterBlueHW 0.75
sky_SnowScatterRedScatterHW 0.95
sky_SnowScatterGreenScatterHW 0.93
sky_SnowScatterBlueScatterHW 0.91
sky_SnowOpticalDepthHW 50

; defaults for clouds: 0.80, 0.80, 0.80, 0.95, 0.95, 0.95, 10
sky_CloudScatterRedHW 0.8
sky_CloudScatterGreenHW 0.8
sky_CloudScatterBlueHW 0.8
sky_CloudScatterRedScatterHW 0.95
sky_CloudScatterGreenScatterHW 0.95
sky_CloudScatterBlueScatterHW 0.95
sky_CloudOpticalDepthHW 10

sky_RainMinOpticalHW 0.7
sky_SnowMinOpticalHW 0.7
sky_CloudMinOpticalHW -0.2

sky_RainScatterRed 0.3
sky_RainScatterGreen 0.35
sky_RainScatterBlue 0.45
sky_RainScatterRedScatter 0.95
sky_RainScatterGreenScatter 0.93
sky_RainScatterBlueScatter 0.91
sky_RainOpticalDepth 50

sky_SnowScatterRed 0.7
sky_SnowScatterGreen 0.72
sky_SnowScatterBlue 0.75
sky_SnowScatterRedScatter 0.95
sky_SnowScatterGreenScatter 0.93
sky_SnowScatterBlueScatter 0.91
sky_SnowOpticalDepth 50

sky_CloudScatterRed 0.8
sky_CloudScatterGreen 0.7
sky_CloudScatterBlue 0.7
sky_CloudScatterRedScatter 0.95
sky_CloudScatterGreenScatter 0.94
sky_CloudScatterBlueScatter 0.90
sky_CloudOpticalDepth 10

;  Bunch of numbers we made up for software (SW) and hardware (HW) that let
;  sun and moon get hazed correctly in different conditions.
sky_SunBlendFudge 0.5
sky_SunBlendFudgeHW 0.5
sky_SunLowLevelHazeModifier 0.02
sky_SunRayleighHazeModifier 0.2
sky_SunPrecipHazeModifier 0.8
sky_MoonLowLevelHazeModifier 0.02
sky_MoonRayleighHazeModifier 0.2
sky_MoonPrecipHazeModifier 0.8
sky_SunLowLevelHazeModifierHW 0.0015
sky_SunRayleighHazeModifierHW 0.2
sky_SunPrecipHazeModifierHW 1
sky_MoonLowLevelHazeModifierHW 0.02
sky_MoonRayleighHazeModifierHW 0.2
sky_MoonPrecipHazeModifierHW 1
sky_MaxGridDepthHW 300
sky_MaxGridDepth 300
;  How city lights light the sky.
;  Default (Red=0.714286, Green=0.857142, Blue=1, brightness=0.02).
Sky_CityLights 0.714286 0.857142 1 0.02
;  Says how things get lit when not illuminated by sun (defaults 0.3, 0.8, 0.5).
SkyPal_ObscurationSunWeight 0.3
SkyPal_ObscurationSkyWeight 0.8
SkyPal_ShadeWeightModifier 10.05

;Main things to change are NOT here - adjust the haze settings (in the Options
;screen when flying) and the haze profiles (described earlier).
;--Default settings 32, 32, 720 for Lats & Longs & Grad Lats
;--Increase these values for finer sky rendering (Doering)
sky_Lats 128
sky_Longs 128
sky_GradientLats 720

;sky_GradientAngle 0.3490658503989
;  In software, this value defines the angle above the horizon where the "solid"
;  sky color begins (default 0.3490658503989).
;  Define this to compute haze values constantly.
sky_refreshtimedelta 8
;  Define smaller values to increase frequency of haze calculation for the
;  sky (seconds) (default=64).
sky_refreshhazedelta 0.1
sky_refreshdistdelta 32
sky_distupdatetime 3



;  Virga may exist under cumulus clouds. They are packed in rows and columns under
;  a cloud with a density defined by a value representing the number of virga
;  instances on the side of square (default=2).
Virga_Dim 4
;  Virga fades out when it is approached, defined by these min/max values, where
;  a small value yields a closer distance.
Virga_MaxDistFactor 1.5
Virga_MinDistFactor 0.5
;  Virga haze gets recalculated with a certain frequency, and random
;  variation, in seconds. The smaller the values, the more frequent the
;  recalculations.
Virga_HazeCalcTime 5
Virga_HazeCalcTimeVariation 2
;  Virga may be colored depending on the type of precipitation within. The values are
;  0 to 1, each representing red, green, and blue. Defaults are:
;        Virga_RainColor 0.6 0.7 0.8            Virga_SnowColor 0.73 0.73 0.73
Virga_RainColor 0.6 0.7 0.8
Virga_SnowColor 0.73 0.73 0.73

; Disables lightning flashes
; DisableCumulusLightning
;  Lightning causes CB (cumulonimbus) clouds to flash, at a variety of locations.
;  The location changes randomly, governed by these min/max times, in seconds:
Lightning_MinTime 0.5
Lightning_MaxTime 20
;  Lightning has an energy range. At minimum energy it takes on one color, while
;  at max energy, it may have another. These values are defined by their red,
;  green, and blue components. Defaults:
;       Lightning_MinColor 1 0.878431372549 1     Lightning_MaxColor 0.8117647058824 1 1
Lightning_MinColor 1 0.878431372549 1
Lightning_MaxColor 0.8117647058824 1 1
;  When lightning occurs there is a probability it will not have a bolt associated
;  with it. To reduce that probability (and thus increase the likelihood of a
;  bolt), define this 0-1 value, where 0 means "most likely".
Lightning_BoltProb 0
;  The flash associated with lightning travels a distance, then tapers off. Define
;  the square of this value (dist x dist). The smaller the value, the less further
;  the flash will travel (default=1000000).
Lightning_AttenuationModifier 1000000


Edited by AnsgarA

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Thank you, Ansgar.

I will dig into it, as I love tweaking my skies hehe... I wonder what the differences are between this and Laurie's.

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Patrikmore, the UsePuffCloudModels is much better on. Without it, the big cumulus clouds have an unrealistic flat bottom

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I took the whole bunch of Jon Point for clouds, and noticed an improvement!

In front of the clouds block, these two lines: haze_lowlevelhazelevel 0.1       UsePuffCloudModels

CloudDeck_PuffOnlyMaxPuffSize 9 (instead of 8 )

My settings for sky almost the same I had:

sky_LowLevel1ScatterRedHW 1
sky_LowLevel1ScatterGreenHW 0.995
sky_LowLevel1ScatterBlueHW 0.97
sky_LowLevel1ScatterRedScatterHW 0.23
sky_LowLevel1ScatterGreenScatterHW 0.32
sky_LowLevel1ScatterBlueScatterHW 0.42
sky_LowLevel1OpticalDepthHW 800

Two critical settings related with light: opt_gamma_correction 35         haze_scale 29

In DGVoodoo2 I have now for AA setting: 8x

My settings in ReShade:


It's nearly perfect, I would say.

For rain, snow, etc.. modelling, Jon Point config is a jewel.



Edited by patrikmore

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It sounds like the never ending story, this affair of trimming the settings by myself.

I assure you, I'm coming to the end. I expect I do not bother many people with settings been changed, as I'm almost alone in the world playing Flight Unlimited 3! My last changes in settings are just these ones:

In DGVoodoo2 I unchecked "Force VSync" (I explain: game is more fluid if your computer can handle it).

In DGVoodoo2 I unchecked "Apply Phong shading when possible" (I explain: this setting can cause the game to crash to the desktop).

In ReShade my last settings:


I'm very proud. To me it looks like the restoration of a masterpiece. Remember, from Windows 98, to Windows 10.



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Hi. On the contrary. I myself like to see attempts to keep improving on the sim.

Right now I have a perfectly running FU3. I kept all settings on dgvoodoo2 on default except AA and AF.

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Here I give a warning, about frame rate and ReShade:

ReShade causes an important bleeding of frame rate, cutting by half the frame rate. You need near 30 fps at least.

Try, instead of that, just to tweak inside dgvoodoo2. There are very interesting settings, like phong shading.

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