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Dark(er) aircraft and dynamic lighting

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The pic below is at ORBX KSAN at dusk, DL on.. You can see the static ac are fully lit, but the AIG ac are very dark.
I've done some troubleshooting.
I've tried P3D dynamic lighting on/off, KSAN configurator DL on/off, iniBuilds on/off, everything off (AIG ac lighter, but still darker than static).
Is this an issue with how ORBX treats ac at this particular airport, or is this an issue with the ac themselves?



json format checker

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They aren’t real aircraft and apart of the scenery thus why they are brighter and “supposedly” more appealing to look at.

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This doesn’t have anything to do with them being static and therefor brighter. The static’s can have whatever brightness textures that OrbX wishes to give them. Instead, the difference here is that of PBR. I do not have this scenery but dynamic light of P3Dv4 needs a small update to make it compatible with P3Dv5 PBR textures, for all I know. And I think that’s exactly what explains the difference between the AI and the static: the former has PBR textures and this they appear dark. However since I don’t have the scenery I can’t check whether the effect files have been updated or not. You can do an extra test and take any aircraft you have that has PBR textures and see if they are also dark at this airport. If yes that would confirm the problem is an outdated dynamic light effect file.

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I loaded FSW Lear 35 and it is dark too…

Too bad I couldn’t “de -PBR” those ac. 😀

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I also verified the KSAN file so whatever DL file at this airport is the most recent.

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