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Planning a trip over New Jersey?

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Interested in a short flight over New Jersey (US)?. Well, there's one.

If you already purchased Dreamflight Studios KTEB, Teterboro airport, better yet, very well done and worth the money, or even if you didn't (I assume the KTEB MSFS default could be good enough for most simmers), pick your favorite propeller and take-off from runway 19. I recommend the DA-62 as it's good enough to allow to enjoy the scenery and its landmarks without going too fast and high (2,000 ft would be good for this phase of the flight). You'll have of course the Hudson river and the Manhattan skyline to your left to fully enjoy the view, and flying with the same runway heading (approx. 190 deg) you'll pass almost above the MetLife Stadium, the Meadowlands Sports Complex and the IZOD Center and Mall. All these formidable structures can be downloaded here:



By the way, if you like bridges as myself, there's an absolute astonishing collection of bridges for the NY area, lots of them, very well done, here (this is for the Verrazano-Narrows bridge that you'll find on your way in the same heading (190 deg) further south; in the description look for its author and do a search for his other more or less dozen bridges in the area - thanks to him):


[TIP: Look at the notes in case you already have installed the very good KLAG from Flightsim.to, as it contains another set of bridges, which in my opinion do not have the same quality level as the ones mentioned (take KLAG out of your Community folder just for this flight, in case you downloaded the NY bridges collection)].

Want to enjoy more and have some more time for this flight?. Well, very good. Pass over the Verrazano bridge, or a bit to your left, climb to 6,000 ft. and continue surfing the coast down south looking to the Atlantic City skyline, that can also be downloaded from here:


Once you're close enough to AC, descend to 1,200 ft and start preparing your landing at Bader Field, an small airport in the downtown, now closed, but don't worry, the default airport will be good enough, except for the closed runways, marked with the classic "Xs". Try to use runway 11 (or so...) for the landing and you'll enjoy the view of the main Atlantic City buildings from there.

Except for the part of the downloads, this nice flight will take you no more than 45-55 minutes, I didn't record it yesterday to be honest, as it was completely fascinating to me.

PD: If someone knows and suggests other landmarks, airports, etc., to download in the area, please share!.


Cheers, Ed

[EDIT] I'm too lazy to post pictures, sorry for that!.







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Cheers, Ed

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, edpatino said:

By the way, if you like bridges as myself, there's an absolute astonishing collection of bridges for the NY area, lots of them

The same person that created those NYC area bridges, and by the way he has now done (10) bridges in that area, including those over the Hudson river, East river, and Harlem rivers.  He also created (9) bridges along the Delaware river separating Pennsylvania and New Jersey, starting at Wilmington, Delaware, and the Delaware Memorial Bridge, and ranging up the river through the Philadelphia area to the Pa-NJ Turnpike connector bridge near Trenton, NJ.  Here is a link to a post of my bridge trip in the Screenshots forum here on Avsim.  Some of the bridges have been further enhanced since I captured these shots:

There are other New Jersey landmarks that have been created along the NJ coastline, including a number of lighthouses and an Atlantic City cityscape:

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