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FS2crew - FS Laps A320 - current version 2.0

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Dear folks,

i had some problems after updating fs2crew for fslaps a320 to v2.0. Therefore, as mentioned in the forum, i did the following things:

1) Removed FS-Laps A320 Software from my PC + Removed FS2Crew FS Laps Version from my PC

2) New installation of both software programs mentioned above, first the A320 and afterwards FS2Crew

Unfortunately still problems. During flight, suddenly i can`t open "main panel" again and fs2crew doesnt work anymore.


Further info: I installed fs2crew v2.0 a few days ago. All works fine beside the fact, that at destination airport, when arrived at the gate, suddenly "main panel" doesnt work anyore or more in detail, i cant open it anymore

I thought, that this is a bug, but not too much problem, as it happens when flight is finished. Yesterday I installed new sound packages for FS Laps A320. Package is installed in the following folder: 

C:\Users\XXXX\XXXXX\Dokumente\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\FSLabs\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A32X\Airlines\AUA\Sounds\Cabin

This is the folder in which i have saved many sound packages before, and all worked fine.

After installation of this Sound Package, i got the first time the problem mentioned at the beginning: Suddenly during flight, I can`t open "main panel" of fs2crew anymore.

I dont think the sound pack is the problem, but I would say it is worth to mention it here as it happens in the first flight after installation.

As i already had problems to open "main panel" again at the end of each flight after installation of V2, i think that there is a bug since v2.0.


I would kindly ask you for some help,

many thanks,



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Hi Stefan,

So you mean the "hot key" you're using to open the FS2Crew Main Panel stops working out of the blue mid flight?

That's strange.

I would suggest using a different hotkey.

Also you can open the FS2Crew Main Panel via the VEHICLES - INSTRUMENT panel menu in P3D.

So if you can open the Main Panel manually via the P3D menu listed above, you know the problem is with your hotkey assignment.

I use the "N" key for the hotkey for the Main Panel.  It's simple and it works.

Maybe you're using using some complex hotkey assignment, or you've connected the hotkey to your joystick and the joystick button stopped functioning.



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thank you for your response. i know what is the probelm. it seems there is a small bug in the fls laps bus, because suddenly i cant open main panel anymore due to the fact that at on the mcdu the "keyboard function" is enabled. But this happens with no input from my side. Just one button click, as described in the fs laps manual, and the "keyboard function" for the mcdu inputs is disabled again and all works fine.

may this will also help other pilots if they have similar problems,

cheers, Stefan

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