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Gypsy Baron

Default A321 ECAMS2 gauge problem

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While digging around to make some "custom" changes to thedefault A321 panel ( adding the FSX radar as a toggled functionon the ECAMS2 display ) I noticed that when you click on the ECAMS2 display area to call up the LARGE sized dispaly, the functionbuttons of the bottom of the display do not work, as they do in the"normal" sized ECAMS2 display.Here's the problem and the simple "fix"...The normal display uses "Airbus_A321!popup_glass_panel_small" toprovide the bezel and thus the function buttons. That gauge usesthe local variable "(L:ECAMS2 Display, number)" to determine whatfunction is displayed.The LARGE sized ECAMS2 window uses "Airbus_A321!popup_ecams_screen_bezel"to provide the bezel/buttons. In that gauge, a button press willchange the variable "(L:ECAMS Display, number)", which does nothingto change the display. To correct this, in both the 2Dand VC displays de-cab the gauge then simply do a "search & replace" on the "popup_ecams_screen_bezel.xml" file, changing "L:ECAMS Display, number)" to "L:ECAMS2 Display, number)". ( do not use the "" "" in the search/replace! )Save the file abd re-cab the A321 gauges if you wish ( I keep mine de-cab'd for "tweaking").You will now be able to change the displayed function when using the LARGE ( full sized ) guage. Paul

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Hi  Gypsy Baron,
Thank youi for your helpful post!
As you can see it was very useful 11 years later...
Have a good day.

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