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Help - Cannot change cockpit view

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Hi there,

It's maybe my first post here, so just to tell that i'm a old simmer : I started with FS2002, flew on FS9, FSX, P3D v3 and continue to fly today on XP11 and MSFS, so I'm experienced with sim I get.

Today I'm unable to fly on my FBW on MSFS, nor any other stock aircraft I tested because I'm experiencing a very weird behavior with cameras :

  • I'm unable to switch cockpit view, from VFR to IFR or landing views, or any other user views with the shortcuts set with keyboard (ALT+1 to ALT+9).
  • In cockpit view, on only cockpit view, not external's ones, when I press F10 key, my aircraft is replaced 1000ft above.

I've already did flights on SU7 and I noticed nothing that was working wrong. But last flight, I tested the replay feature.
It's during this test I noticed that I was unabled to change the view to the wingviews I like to use to see my langings (passenger view).
At this moment I didn't have worried about, as I told myself that changing view was not possible during a replay.
But this behavior seems to have persisted and I'm unabled to fly today cause I cannot switch views in cockpit.

For information, I'm using a Tobii. Last flight was the first one using it and with SU7.

So if somebody can bring me some ideas to help me, I'll be very grateful.


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I noticed this in the Milviz Corsair which I just bought a couple of days ago and which I posted about here:


I've just had a quick look through a number of my other planes and I couldn't see the same behaviour in any of them, so it could just be something about the Corsair.

In any case the effect I'm seeing is when I'm trying to return to the main cockpit view from the cycle of close-up cockpit views (what you call the IFR view I presume). When I hit the up hat switch I get the VFR view and I can't get out of it with the buttons I've been using in my other planes.

I can get out of it using the mouse scroll button and I was suspecting that the Corsair had been programmed this way before I saw your post, but now I'm suspecting it could be another SU7 problem of which there seems to be many.

How does hitting the scroll button work for you?

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Mike Beckwith

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I have had cockpit views all screwed up yesterday in a regular stock C152. I tried everything to put it back to normal. Had to reboot the whole machine before it would return to normal.

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Intel i9-10900, ASUS ROG Maximus Hero XII WiFi motherboard, 32GB of 4000Mhz CAS 15 memory, ASUS GEFORCE RTX 3090 (overclocked), 1000watt power supply, 2 NVME drives and 4 SSD's, Oculus Quest 2

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Hi, thanks for your help.

My issue seems to not be what you've experienced.
The scroll button of my mouse doesn't do anything.

I've just figured that when I press Alt+&, a dialog opens to invite me to select a .gpx file.
I do not know what's that file, but I'm pretty sure it relates to my issue. What's google and wikipedia tells me, is that this a GPS file that contains infos like flypath.
I did an install of the SDK recently, in order to use ADE to edit airport's gate assignation for airlines.
Maybe it has something to do with my issue.

I reboot my PC RobG, to see if fix my problem.

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Got the solution, thanks to my seaches on the GPX files that lead me to the french forum Pilote Virtuel : http://www.pilote-virtuel.com/viewtopic.php?pid=1072154#p1072154

For the record, I'm french, but that's thank to my google research on the GPX files the Alt+& shortcut wants I open that I finally get my answer on this forum.

So, I don't know why, but I've activated the option in the menu General/Cockpit => Interior cockpit mode (i'm not sure of the translation, my sim is in french).
Some options of my sim had been reset, so it's why I did a pass over all the options, and because, maybe in french, the option itself doesn't tell what it does, I thought i could a good idea to activate it.

So I fix my issue, but I don't know what the option I've had the bad idea to activate is intended for. If you tell me what is it, I'll be grateful.

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