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Captain sim 777 SU9 (Issue)

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Hello sim Pilots

As we know, a lot of users facing issues after updating to MSFS Su9

so here is a new one 😞 

after engaging the AP, ONLY the airplane cant hold its HDG strait it angled!! And it can fly the whole route in this position!



after disengaged the AP the airplane start to fly correctly again



and when I have a closed lock, I found the issue is the partial span tab


I also tried to solve it by using rudder trim and wing left, but nothing was fixed.

I also tried the default and custom livery still the same.

the issue only with this Airplane all other works great!

one more thing I uninstall it and reinstall it again still the same.


Sim Pilot since 1998,(DC-3 is the best airplane ever.

12th Gen Intel Core i9-12900KF 8 Cores, 16 Threads, 3.2 GHZ Base, 5.2 GHZ Turbo 64GB RAM NZXT Z73 CORELIQUID 360R NVIDIA GeForce RTX3080Ti SSD M.2 2TB

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Posted (edited)

Interesting I have SU 9 and don't have this issue.  I just did a flight  VIE IST and although it porpised a bit at cruise as it always has but it didn't do this.  I have salty mod and maestro94b777 mod.   

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For me since SU9 the captainsim 777 causes a CTD in the loading screen. Haven't been able to fly it once.

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Solved.   At least for me.

The 777F Freighter model works good.

I replaced the config files of the 777F model into the 777-300 that was always banking on the right and it worked.

If you own the 777F  copy all the files   .cfg .flt .loc   inside the folder:


EXCEPT the file:     aircraft.cfg   

and replace in the folder of your not working CS777


i hope it helps.

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