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  1. Can confirm that importing AI aircraft infact works and is incredibly easy with the Auto importing function. Now anybody flying an airliner I don't own shows up as the appropriate AI model, and have even subbed Asobos default A320 for an AI model. Better on performance and I see liveries. They probably don't match but better than the default yellow a320.
  2. I was given a takeoff clearance yesterday and was still taxiing so you're right It's definitely not a UK thing. Admittedly I wasn't at Heathrow. Maybe they do things different.
  3. I've given it a try and I'm quite liking it, pretty much all of the planes I used to see were bonanzas simply because the other player had a livery I didn't have so atleast I'm seeing mostly correct models now. The drawback is as i'm on premium deluxe, other players deluxe aircraft that I may have seen are now standard msfs aircraft, but I think I read that the creator is going to include premium aircraft later on. Being able to import aircraft you own I can see as being very good, although I haven't dabbled with the advanced features as I don't want to screw up the sim. Defintely has potential. Now I wonder if I can import AI aircraft as target aircraft?
  4. Slightly off topic but is there any way to use AI traffic to substitute multiplayer aircraft? Back when I used AIG, if a player was flying a 777, I would see them as an AIG 777, but when using other programs such as FSLTL I just see them as a Bonanza. I know you can create a VMR file that is used with Vatsim for model matching, but is there really no way of using the same type of file for model matching within the stock multiplayer?
  5. https://www.flightsimulator.com/aircraft-manuals/ There are now PDF flight manuals to get you started, including the updated 787 & 747.
  6. Effective vectoring and some sort of traffic management, like the ability to manage the speeds of traffic for better sequencing so aircraft don't contantly go around on each other, or even fly holds would be great. There are many SID's and STAR's that require vectors, especially missed approaches. If you go missed, more often than not you're just left on your own to get back onto final. The ability to be able to vector you back onto final would be nice.
  7. Finally! as my local airport i'm excited to see East Midlands which always gets forgotten by devs in favour of Birmingham and Manchester get some love! I was also there when the Antonov 225 paid us a visit.
  8. This channel has helped me pass some real flight tests. One of the best resources. He explains things in an easy to follow way with simple animations that give context and help you visualise what he's explaining, and it's free!
  9. I've scoured the internet for fixes but also haven't found anything. People say the 787 with the Heavy Division mod is great to fly but that certainly hasn't been my experience. I love the 787 and I want to fly it in the sim but it's bad. Once in ground effect, depending at which pitch angle you're at it'll either float and roll to one side or slam into the ground with full back input.
  10. Maybe just start smaller. Omit the flight plan and just request touch and go's or full stop, taxi backs. Practice flying the pattern while being in communication with ATC. Then branch out and fly further afield and request a flight following (if in the US) or a flight information service in the UK.
  11. For me since SU9 the captainsim 777 causes a CTD in the loading screen. Haven't been able to fly it once.
  12. I remember back in my FSX days I used to want to find a solution to replace Point with Decimal seeing as most of the world uses Decimal and I never really fly in the US. Hahah, how times have changed.
  13. I use an xBox controller so just use the right stick. Controls remain functional when panning.
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