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How Setup both fast and slow trim

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For this example I'm using rudder trim, same idea works for elevator trim.

I'm using a Warthog throttle, but same exact idea works for using the keyboard.

I know of no way to do this except using Axis and Ohs (AAO), so I'm using that.

Here's the idea, lets take the JustFlight Arrow, it has a rudder trim knob down low in the center. If you press the trim button or key it will turn very fast. Way too fast.

So lets make it turn either slow or fast with one press of a button or key:

Here's diagram of Warthog throttle (you can use the keyboard instead, just as easily).



Here's the AAO screen, I've set up rudder trim left slow, left fast, right slow, and right fast (I chose those names).



Lets program for each of those.

rudder trim left FAST:


When button <30> is forward and button <19> (the assigned combo) is also forward,

then the Event at the top (Rudder_Trim_Left) will be fast (notice the Fast is chosen instead of Med or Slow)

Notice the Repeat box is ticked. This means when toggle switch <30> is pressed the trim knob in the sim will spin continuously very fast.


Rudder trim right FAST:


When <31> is forward and assigned combo button <19> is also forward the Event at the top (Rudder_Trim_Right) will be fast and continuous. Everything is the same except the Event is now Rudder Trim Right instead of left.


Rudder trim left SLOW


When button <30> is pressed and Assigned Combo <19> button is SUPPRESSED (not pressed) then event Rudder trim left will be slow.

Notice the box 'surpress Key Down Event' is ticked. And the Slow box is now ticked instead of fast. And the Repeat box is NOT ticked.

This means each tap of the 30 toggle switch will not repeat a trim, but only move the trim knob left  in the sim only one tick! Super slow! To make very fine trim adjustments.


Rudder Trim Right SLOW


The event (shown at top) is Rudder_Trim_Right will be slow, not repeated, will happen when <31> toggle switch on the Warthog is forward, and toggle switch <19> is not forward (Supressed).


To use:

just flip the 19 toggle up (it will stay up) and then 30 and 31 toggles will trim fast left and right for fast and course adjustments.

Then flip the 19 toggle down (it will stay down) and tap 30 or 31 and trim will move one tick only for each press of 30 and 31.



I did not have to type any of those long words in the AAO boxes. Just flip a switch or tap a button and AAO fills in the space with the correct info: for example "Throttle-Hotas Warthog Button <19>". I don't have to type in any of that word not allowed.

You can use a keyboard or other controller instead of the warthog, it programs the same way. The Device and Assigned Button boxes shows Warthog throttle and <30> etc. But a drop down box allows you to choose any connected controller or the keyboard instead. You can choose 'keyboard' and then use keys instead of buttons. It will work exactly the same.

This same scheme can be used on the vertical elevator trim too in the same way. You could use either controller buttons or keyboard keys, your choice. The AAO programming would be very similar.



Ryzen5 5800X3D, RTX4070, 600 Watt, TWO Dell S3222DGM 32" screens spanned with Nvidia surround 5185 x 1440p, 32 GB RAM, 4 TB  PCle 3 NVMe, Warthog throttle, CH Flightstick, Honeycomb Alpha yoke, CH quad, 3 Logitech panels, 2 StreamDecks, Desktop Aviator Trim Panel.

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Nice job! 😎

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