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I learned my lesson about mice when I left my single engine airplane for one night at Rock Springs, Wyoming on a cross the US trip. I had a small dog with me and left a small bag of dogfood in the plane for the night-too lazy to carry it into town to the hotel.When I arrived the next morning to leave I found dogfood all over the plane and evidence that mice had had a party in it. I did a very careful preflight and didn't see anything important (like wires) amiss-and took off to my next destination a little more wise about leaving food in the plane unattended. I was glad though that the mice had left-I am not sure I would have liked to deal with my wife had the critters started running around after takeoff.

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The answer to this dilemma is really quite simple; FEDERAL SKY CATS}( The TSA could no doubt procure thousandsof kittys from animal rescue centers.x:)~ Then after rigorous training (costing thousands each) they couldbe slipped aboard comercial air craft....on a random basis so as tokeep the rodents guessing:-lol Probably wouldn't cost the American public more than a trillionor so:-eek . A very small price to pay for rodent free planes. Wonder why a STL station got involved in this story? Regards Denny

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