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Is Interstellar Travel Impissible?

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2 hours ago, charliearon said:

Yo, Martin....ever hear of a navigational deflector?  Bingo!



I have, and mentioned in the video briefly too. You didn't watch it did you? 😉 So naughty.

In Star Trek they seem to do miraculous things with their force fields, holding in an atmosphere after the Klingons have blasted a hole in the hull, deflecting Romulan Phasers and yes, deflecting material in the ISM.  Trouble is, in Trek its done with gravitons and as yet we haven't found gravitons and they seem impossible to detect, (if indeed they exist at all) let alone generate them for our spaceships deflector. But if we are to marry quantum physics with gravity we need them, so who knows, maybe they are there.

The other issue is that gravity is insanely weak, so much so, that the gravity of the entire planet can be resisted with a puny magnet. So one hypothetical graviton is responsible for a minuscule, pretty much undetectable, amount of gravity. One study suggested that we would need a universe sized detector to detect them and they would need to be in planet sized quantities. 



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