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Latitude and Longitude Coordinates for Flight Plans in Route Description.

Hi I create a lot of irregular flight plans on little navmap for the msfs community and post them on flightsim.to. I have then been using the route description copying to clipboard and inserting into simbrief. This has mostly been successful for FBW a320neo and Headwind a339neo and other aircraft.

However I have had no success with the Stable Salty B747 which currently cant use 11 letter format (development version can). The Salty Stable B747 requires a 5 (or 7) letter format.

In the route descriptions latitude and longitude coordinates appear in a 11 letter format I need a method to mass convert this to 7 or 5 letter format. I have not been able to get the route description to change from 11 letter to 7 or 5 letter. In  Options 'UNITS' the 'coordinates' is set to 'decimal degree' which is the 7 letter format. And of course switch back to 11 letter format for other aircraft.


11 letter coordinates: 3050N12022W     4620N07805W < degrees and minutes.

7 letter coordinates:  60N045W              46N078W         < degrees only.

5 letter coordinates:  5020N                    5020N              < NAT type.


Example flight plan route:

EGHQ N0490F300 5034N00520W 5039N00536W 5112N00558W 5153N00548W 5233N00541W 5247N00553W 5303N00613W 5311N00646W 5316N00712W 5314N00742W 5254N00829W EINN


I have looked over the little nav map manual and not found a solution though I may have missed it.


Even if someone knows an online website that could mass convert coordinates from 11 letter to 7 ir 5 letter. All that I have found require one coordinate at a time.


Any help would be appreciated, thanks, Richard.



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Hi Richard,

sorry, currently there is no option for route description coordinate output. It uses the most precise format for now. I'll take note of this idea.

Maybe another solution: Select all legs in the flight plan table and then copy the contents as CSV into the clipboard. Paste these into a spreadsheet and convert the coordinates using a formula.
You can also try to export as Garmin GFP but this still does not have the coordinate format you mention.


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Hi, thanks for the response.

At least now I know why my flight plans wouldn't work in some aircraft. I did convert the example flight plan from the original post ECHQ > EINN and with 7 letter coordinates it really changes the flight and you spend as much time fixing as converting.

All this was to get a waypoint based flight plan to work in the Salty stable B747 which currently doesn't accept 11 letter coordinates. The Salty development B747 version does.

The Example flight becomes (and route looks very different):

EGHQ N0490F260 50N005W 50N005W 51N005W 51N005W 52N005W 52N005W 53N006W 53N006W 53N007W 53N007W 52N008W EINN

7 letter coordinates are just too inaccurate for flight planning and I presume the 5 letter method would be worse. So sticking to 11 letter is best.

I will be downloading the development salty b747 to test this all out.

Thanks for all the work your doing, little navmap is great.



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