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Ideal FSLTL settings

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So, I've currently got static aircraft at airports set to 10 and IFR set to 170. I get a LOT of static aircraft at airports but not a huge amount of aircraft movement.

Should I look at increasing the IFR number and reducing the number of static?

Is it a balancing act between the parked and the IFR aircraft? 

I'd like to see more aircraft moving and flying. 

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Lower your static settings. This is a lift from the FSTLT User guide: 

  • Additional Parked Aircraft - Sets the amount of static parked traffic at airports based on historical data for the ICAO. 0 for none, 10 for max, 2-3 recommended. ( number is scale linked to percentage of parking )

What this means is that if you have a large airport you may well end up with 10 static aircraft if that is what you have set because the airport can handle these statics and still have room for live IFR aircraft. Amongst all the live traffic, the statics wont really be too noticeable. But as the airports get smaller, that 10 my be reduced by FSTLT (in their algorithm) to become 8 or maybe 6 depending on the ratio of available parking spots for static vs live. While this helps balance the ratio of static vs live, on smaller airports this might start looking like way too many statics and a busier airport than what that airfield would normally see while not having enough actual live traffic.  So while FSLTL attempt to balance this their recommendation of  2-3 statics (additional parked aircraft), is particularly good especially if you have come to see arriving and departing aircraft.  Personally I find zero is my preference because I like to see real movements.  Having said that seeing an aircraft sitting at a gate for several hours is not an unusual sight especially when the aircraft is international and it is a next day turnaround.

Some people just want see airplanes at the gate and really don't care if they are static. So in this case max 10 will give you immediate satisfaction because static load straight away.  But if you want mostly live aircraft and are prepared to wait for them to populate, then 2-3 static or even zero is the better option. IMHO





Edit: Anyway, checkout the FSTLT User guide and FAQ's. They give you most of what you need know on all these options.   Hehe, easier said than done when you are new to MSFS and there is so much to get your head around 😁

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No. No, Mav, this is not a good idea.

Sorry Goose, but it's time to buzz the tower!

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