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Problem with MSFS Market Place aircrafts

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I am very satisfied with the PDMG B737-700, and so decided to buy the B737-800 from the MSFS Simmarket. The result is that nothing at the cockpit works, all dark, no animations at all, the yoke is twisted, no instruments and no response to mouse clicks. Curiously, engines are live, and control surfaces work, although no animation is visible. I can taxi and even takeoff.- I uninstalled and reinstalled it but no way.-  I sent a ticket to Zendesk and they answered that is is not a MSFS issue and that I should get PMDG support. I guess that is wrong, and it is a problem related with incompatibilities derivated from the Asobo encription system. I had problems in the past with the Aerosoft CRJ downloaded from Simmarket which never worked for me, and had to buy it again directly from the developer.- Now I have also a similar problem with the ATR42 acquired from Sim Market.-  So I am seriously decided to avoid buying aircrafts from MSFS Simmarket,

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24 minutes ago, solito said:

So I am seriously decided to avoid buying aircrafts from MSFS Simmarket,

Be very very very careful how you name entities in your messages.  There is no entity named MSFS Simmarket.  There is an official MSFS Marketplace.  There is also a totally separate supplier named Simmarket that is unrelated to Microsoft and has been around for years and supplies addons for literally all sims dating back 10 to 20 years, Microsoft or not.

So have you taken note that this and other forums are not overloaded with complaints similar to yours?  In many cases what you report is indicative of conflicts between the model and your settings for  your controls. Have you tried setting up, from scratch, new profiles for your controls specific to the problematic auircraft model?   Also for a number of other MSFS users over the past couple of years, since MSFS release, have found issues related to another addon, and detected that by completely empyting their Community folders and testing the model. 

Are you using any app to manage your addons so that you can quickly remove them for testing purposes and later quickly reposition them?

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Sorry cannot help. In my case an aircraft bought from the MSFS Marketplace (Staggerwing) appeared in the Content Manager but not in the Sim. Tried all the commonly known obvious things (as mentioned above) but no luck. Then went to Zendesk and tried all sorts of things from them over several days, some quite complicated, but no luck. They finally gave me a refund. Had bought so uch from the Marketplace before this. Now nervous to buy anything else from the Marketplace. Sorry this does not help you. Cheers.

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Sorry, by mistake I mentioned Sim Market instead of Marketplace in my post, although the title is OK.

The reply to my PDMG ticket, which was confirmed also by MSFS support,  was that it is a problem related to my CPU, due to something about incompatibilies with WASM modules precompiled at the MSFS store. It is real that is a bit old CPU ,( Intel Core i7 X 990 @ 4,7 Gghz) but it behaves very well, and I have no problems at all running MSFS or with any addon, including also other addons obtained from Marketplace, except some few aircrafts (In my case: Aerosoft CRJ, Airbus 310, B 737-800 and ATR42).- PDMG said that MSFS is working in a solution, but MSFS didn’t confirm that.

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